Desolation Temple

Desolation Temple

This Brazilian band rescues the old ways of Atmospheric Black Metal from the 90s, but with an actual outfit.
May 14, 2024

In every Metal genre one can think of, there are many different musical expressions that are lying on the sands of time. Those aren’t the triumphant ones, that ones that never got the commercial praise they deserve, and that aren’t known of the greater public. On Black Metal, some old ways of the 90s are lying there as well, because those old and funereal expressions called Atmospheric Black Metal aren’t as usual today as they were in the first half of the 90s. But from time to time, someone appears bringing them back, as it’s the case of “Desolation Temple”, the first album of the duet DESOLATION TEMPLE.

Rafael Ribeiro (known for his studio works with PAGAN THRONE and ANGELIQUE) worked on the production, mixing, mastering and recordings (done as Dragon Quarter Audio, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and the focus was to create a simple and crude outfit on the sonority, to have things in a way that could fit on the band’s musical ideas. And he did a great work, because things are defined and with the right instrumental tunes. And the artwork of Rodrigo Garm, focused on scales of black, white and gray, is excellent, giving the visual idea of what the band expresses with its music.

DESOLATION TEMPLE, in reality, is a side project of Rodrigo Garm and Rafael Ribeiro (both members of the Pagan Metal act PAGAN THRONE), here using a more traditional form on Atmospheric Black Metal of the 90s, but with many musical ideas coming from the personal influences of both musicians (because something from classic Black Metal from those days is heard as well). The simple technical aspect just reinforces the morbid catching aura of their music, with many contrasts being heard between aggressive moments and introspective parts (as heard on “Drifting Souls”, that presents a melodic guitar solo). It’s not a nostalgic release (although the older fans of Black Metal will love it), but’s plenty of energy and aggressiveness.

It’s easy to fall in love with all the songs of the album, but take a bit on “Through the Darkness Line” (excellent sad and melancholic melodic parts contrasting with the sharp shrieks of the vocals), “Diffuse Shadows” (excellent catchy melodies are weaved by the guitars), “Parallels Universe” (here some ideas of traditional Black Metal are expressed in a very clear way, especially on the bass guitar and drums rhythmic transitions, and what great melodic hooks), “Inverted Reality” (where the balance between Black Metal and Atmospheric Black Metal influences is in a very good level), “Lost Memories” (the sharp contrasts of harsh and aggressive moments with melancholic parts is hard to resist to, especially due the impact of the guitars), and… Oh, come on! Listen to “Drifting Souls”, “Eternal Regret...” and to their version for “The Creator’s Pride” (an old hymn of the Brazilian pioneers of AMEN CORNER, and if you don’t known this band’s musical work, you don’t know Black Metal) as well!

It’s great to hear an album as “Desolation Temple” today, and it’s not a sin to say that DESOLATION TEMPLE released one of the best Black Metal releases of this year, and you can hear to it here:

10 / 10









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"Desolation Temple" Track-listing:
  1. Through the Darkness Line
  2. Diffuse Shadows
  3. Parallels Universe
  4. Inverted Reality
  5. Lost Memories
  6. Drifting Souls
  7. Eternal Regret...
  8. The Creator’s Pride
Desolation Temple Lineup:

Rodrigo Garm - Vocals
Rafael Ribeiro - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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