They Burn as One


The past can't be written again, or can last endlessly. Things pass, bands end, and […]
June 23, 2022
Denomination - They Burn as One album cover

The past can't be written again, or can last endlessly. Things pass, bands end, and time keeps moving. But no one said that one band can't trail the old ways, the only thing that must be done is to bring something different from what already exists, a matter of bearing an identity. And the German band DENOMINTION shows that some points must be corrected in the future, besides "They Burn as One" sounds in a very god way.

The quintet focus its energies to recreate a model of Old School Death Metal that's usual for European bands like DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED (due the buzz saw-like guitar riffs), BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION and others in this way. It's just the classic Death Metal, but being played in a young and fresh form, filled with a massive and aggressive energy. Obviously, they must put more of their inner souls into it, but's really very good by now. It's obvious that the model used for the sonority in some moments sounds like an update of what DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED created at Sunlight Studios. Yes, it sounds a lot with those tunes, but with a modern and defined outfit that gives the album a massive aggressiveness due the sharp instrumental tunes used on the recordings.

But one thing must be stated: even with the need of maturing a bit more, the quintet is not a clone, not at all. And it becomes clear listening to songs as "This is Resurrection" (a massive and brutal song with many rhythmic contrasts, in a very good sample of what the bass guitar and drums can do), "Bugs" (a faster song filled with early Hardcore influences, creating many Death Metal hooks, and what very good work of the guitars, both in riffs and in the solos), "Left Hand of God" (another one with clear Thrash Metal/Hardcore influences in many parts), "Hydrofluoric Acid" (the rhythms are really excellent, with some moments that reminds the outfit used by DISMEMBER on "Massive Killing Capacity" days), "Requiem to Harry" (another fast moment of the album, with very good grunted vocals), and the short duet "Cleansing Flames" and "Der Mensch Über Alles".

For Death Metal fans, DENOMINATION shows a massive appeal on "They Burn as One", and with such potential in hand, maniacs can expect great things of the band.

8 / 10









"They Burn as One" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. This is Resurrection
3. Bugs
4. Left Hand of God
5. Selfseeker
6. Hydrofluoric Acid
7. Slow Decay
8. Requiem to Harry
9. Cleansing Flames
10. Der Mensch Über Alles
11. Conscious Mind
12. Hate Decade in Review
13. Outro

Denomination Lineup:

Oliver Heil - Vocals
Kevin Papandreou - Lead Guitars
Dirk Alberti - Rhythm Guitars
Tommy Surbeck - Bass
Anton Tischenko - Drums

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