The Shapeless Mass

Denial of God

When an old band endures the hardships of life and keeps going on, even with […]
June 7, 2019
Denial of God - The Shapeless Mass album cover

When an old band endures the hardships of life and keeps going on, even with all factors going against its existence, it could not grow and become giant, but will earn a lot of respect and become a cult band, that kind of band that underground Metal fans will love during all their lives. Then, the Danish trio DENIAL OF GOD can be said as a veteran cult band, but their music is excellent, as the four-track EP "The Shapeless Mass" shows.

They're an Old School Black Metal band, bearing all the elements from the 90's, along fine melodies earned from traditional Heavy Metal, being creative with their music's harmonies, but always sounding nasty and brutal as well. They create a solid and simple rhythmic mass, excellent spearheading guitar riffs and use very good shrieks on the vocals. Yes, their music sounds unique, even today, when a great part of melodic Black metal acts became symphonic and complex, they prefer to take a stand in their personal musical insight. All of these words to say that their music is excellent. The sound production is a fine work, because even bearing the crude and aggressive sound of the early 90s, the songs are sounding clean and with very good and defined instrumental tunes. It sounds great, old fashioned, but in a way that everyone can understand what they're playing.

"The Shapeless Mass" is a mainly fast song, but with very good rhythm changes when it's needed (then, the rhythmic session is doing a great work), and great melodies. Melodies and a brutal attack of guitar riffs is what expect the fans on "The Statues are Watching", a massive and remarking song. But their versions for "Call from the Grave" (an old hymn of the Swedish legendary band BATHORY) and a metalized and sinister version for "Mama Loi, Papa Loi" (from the Caribbean psychedelic folk band EXUMA cover) show how they can recreate old songs using their own musical personality.

"The Shapeless Mass" shows that a new DENIAL OF GOD album needs to be releases as soon as possible!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Shapeless Mass" Track-listing:

1. The Shapeless Mass
2. The Statues are Watching
3. Call from the Grave
4. Mama Loi, Papa Loi

Denial of God Lineup:

Ustumallagam - Vocals
Azter - Guitars, Bass
Galheim - Drums

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