Zero One


As it's known for every Metalhead in the world, today many bands are trying to […]
October 15, 2020
Deimler - Zero One album cover

As it's known for every Metalhead in the world, today many bands are trying to play the same musical formats from the past, from the 60's to the 90's. No, there's no problem in doing so, but what every musician must keep in mind is that a musical work copying what others already did isn't worthy of a try. You must be yourself, not what someone was. And although a long way awaits for the Spanish quartet DEIMLER seems to understand these words, as their first release, the EP called "Zero One", seems to show.

These songs reveal a Death Metal act with an Old School outfit, near of what was done in the 90's, but bearing some influences from Brutal Death Metal as well. It's like someone could put elements from DISMEMBER and SUFFOCATION on a blender (along with a musical personality), turn it on, and a musical onslaught was the result. Of course such comparison is not fair, because they still need to mature, but they're in the right way, being noisy, aggressive and vicious. Javi Félez is the one who produced, mixed and mastered the songs of "Zero Noe", and his work is really great. The sound quality is aggressive and bears that nasty crude feeling of the past, but in a modern way, where everything is sounding defined and in a very good way.

"Zero One" is a massive attack of brutality, using very good and nasty guitar riffs; the massive aggressiveness of "Indoctrinate" shows very good tempo changes (what means that a solid work from bass guitar and drums can be heard); "Your Coffin" shares the same elements from the previous song, but a hooking nasty feeling; and "Mechanical Universes of Flesh" has a slower appeal in many moments, creating a great set of bitter ambiences. And to close the EP in a great shape, they unleash a violent and personal version of AVULSED's "Bodily Ransack". Of course that some maturing must come in the future to balance things and correct some points (the grunts are low in a form that is hard to understand, but it's not a matter of changing the vocalist, just of learning to use better his voice).

For now, DEIMLER is a very good name from Spanish extreme Metal School, and "Zero One" deserves to be applauded.

8 / 10









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"Zero One" Track-listing:

1. Zero One
2. Indoctrinate
3. Your Coffin
4. Mechanical Universes of Flesh
5. Bodily Ransack (Avulsed cover)

Deimler Lineup:

Pako Deimler - Guitars, Vocals
Toto Castelló - Guitars
Luisma Romero - Bass
Oscar Trigger - Drums

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