Hope Finally Died...(Reissue)


My great and fucking balls, why are so many reissues invading the record stores today? […]
October 12, 2015
Decomposed - Hope Finally Died... (Reissue) album cover

My great and fucking balls, why are so many reissues invading the record stores today?

Yes, because a great amount of albums is being reissued every single day, but sometimes, it isn't necessary to put again in the stores albums that really have no reason to be again there, those ones that never were seen to aggregate values to Metal. They'll only serve as airports to flies and dusty, until a buyer in some promotion come and buy it. Sorry to say it to their fans, but bands as DECOMPOSED really don't deserve it. "Hope Finally Died..." is another album that has no need to be remembered.

First of all: their Doom/Death Metal musical insight was done many times in the past, and in a more brilliant way by names as PARADISE LOST on "Lost Paradise", "Gothic" and "Shades of God", ANATHEMA on "The Crestfallen" and "Serenades", and MY DYING BRIDE on "As The Flower Withers". OK, I know that they are an ancient band, but if you look for some information, all these bands were born on the same year, 1990, except for PARADISE LOST, the older one, that was formed in 1988. And on 1993, the year of the first release of "Hope Finally Died...", all of them already released their earlier masterpieces. So, all of these explanations were done to say that this reissue is an almost complete time loss. The sound quality is very harsh, as Death Metal used to be on the first half of the 1990s. But as the recordings and releases were done on this specific time, it's clear that the band could do nothing better than that, due the difficulties back the.

It's not a complete waste of efforts, because some tracks can sound good if you're not an experienced Doom/Death Metal fan, as "Falling Apart" and "Procession (Of The Undertakers)",  but the lack of something different from what already was done on those days screams in the ears of those who knows the past. Even back on those days, the band would sound as nothing special to any Metal fan. The absence of a musical personality is screaming out too loud.

Sorry to be so honest, but this reissue is a waste of time. And Candlelight Records have some very good albums on their vast that really deserves a reissue, but for sure "Hope Finally Died..." is not among them.<

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Hope Finally Died...(Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Inscriptions
2. Taste The Dying
3. Falling Apart
4. At Rest
5. Instrumental (Lying In State)
6. Procession (Of The Undertakers)
7. (Forever) Lying In State

Decomposed Lineup:

Harry Armstrong - Vocals & Bass
James Ogawa - Lead Guitars & Acoustic Guitars
Pete Snasdell - Rhythm Guitars
Tim Spear - Drums

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