Decline of the I

Wow, this music is really very good! Yes, French underground is too fertile. After years […]
January 29, 2015
Decline of the I - Rebellion album cover

Wow, this music is really very good!

Yes, French underground is too fertile. After years of complete silence (to us, who live out of the country, especially to those who don't live in Europe), France is giving more and more Metal bands to the world. We see in names as GOJIRA and ALCEST a bloom of great music in those lands, as before they gave us LLN bands. And now, they gave us the second work from DECLINE OF THE I, "Rebellion". And Big Daddy here really liked this album.

Their style is the Post-Black Metal, or in right words, a fusion between a fast, aggressive and harsh way to play Black Metal with depressive moments, with darkened and funereal elements, and even some Industrial touches (hear carefully the song "Le rouge, le Vide et le Tordu" and you'll understand what I really mean). Good vocal presence (with some depressive voices, but the greater part of time, we have those harsh voices we are used to hear from Black Metal), the guitars are doing very fine riffs (some more melodic, other ones slower and depressive, and some fast and abrasive), good drumming and bass on the rhythmic kitchen, the presence of keyboards just to make the atmospheric and depressive feeling more evident... Yes, they are creating a fine work here.

The sound quality is a bit rawer than the needed, but not to the point to turn their work a mass of sound that we couldn't understand. No, you'll hear guitars, bass, drums, vocals, keys and everything in their due places, with raw tunes, but in a way you'll for sure understand their musical essence.

The seven songs of the album are all fine, and I could barely take as higher moments "Hexenface" and its depressive and harsh feeling, "Le rouge, le Vide et le Tordu" and their experimental insight, and "Deus Sive Musica".

This is not an easy album to hear and understand at first sight, for it has many faces, like a beautiful diamond. So, dear nephews and nieces, try to discover each one of them. You'll not regret for that!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Rebellion" Track-listing:

1. Lower Degree of God's Might
2. Hexenface
3. Le rouge, le Vide et le Tordu
4. The End of Prostration
5. Pieces of a Drowned Motion
6. Deus Sive Musica
7. On est Bien Peu de Chose

Decline of the I Lineup:

A.K. - Vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming
G. - Vocals
S. - Vocals
N. - Drums

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