Blood for the Blood God


Compilations are a hard work to deal with for writers, because they're a set of […]
September 27, 2019
Debauchery - Blood for the Blood God album cover

Compilations are a hard work to deal with for writers, because they're a set of the best acts from a band, but they can show as the bands evolved as time passed by. And some bands have really talented works, and on the case of the German psycho-killers of DEBAUCHERY, you can bet that fun is certain, as this triple CD compilation called "Blood for the Blood God" shows.

It's a fine opportunity to know the band's musical work. It can be described as a mix between a Death Metal form that uses elements of traditional Heavy Metal and Hard Rock on it, but in the end of words, it's not so easy to label. The musical arrangements are very good, focusing on something that can be aggressive, but catchy at the same time, the grunts contrasts with some screamed voices and even with some clean chants. Death 'n' Roll could be a fine label, but it would only narrow the full comprehension of their music, so throw the labels in the garbage can, and enjoy a great time with them.

This compilation was produced by Thomas Gurrath, but was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward and others. All was done to keep the songs sounding clean, heavy and aggressive in a way that the listeners' senses can absorb. But beware: it's aggressive to turn you bones into dust easily. And the artwork of the cover is amazing, but there are three formats for the fans, so chose the best that fits on what you want. There are some special guests, as Schmier (DESTRUCTION) on the vocals of "Warfare", and contributions done by Tom  Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR's guitarist).

On the CD 1, the best moments are the catchy melodies of "Beasts of Balgeroth", the brutal grasp imposed by "Demonslayer" (very good guitar riffs) and "Butcherman", the charming rhythm of "Ironclad Declaration of War", "Slaughter the Devil" and "Gorezilla" (if you don't have fun with this three songs, you're not a Metalhead), the brutal bulldozer tempos of "Praise the Blood God", the nasty and harsh attack of "Torture Pit", the typical influence of German Metal that arises from the melodies of "Murdermaker", and... Well, the rest of the songs are on the same level, so hear them all.

The CD 2, "There is Only War (Remix 2019)" seems to be an old song, but showing some of the musical features that would last until today (as the musical arrangements that are simple and easy to understand), and the same can be heard on "Blood God Rising", the Death 'n' Roll melodies heard on "Blood God Kills", "Heavy Metal Monsternaut" (this one seems a lot with the German Metal approach of PÄNZER), the aggressive and insane "Masters of the Killing Art", the mix of extreme Metal essence with German Metal/Rock of "Slaughtercult of Carnagers", "Killerbeast", "Animal Holocaust" and "Back in Blood", and... Well, the best thing is to go to CD 3, because again there are no weak songs here, but "Warfare" needs to be heard at the loudest volume possible.

Ending the triumvirate, the CD 3 shows some excellent moments, as the hard attack of guitars imposed on "Slaughterman", on the re-recorded version of "Kill Maim Burn", the bone crushing weight of "Devourer of Worlds", the bitter slow tempos of "Hordes of Chaos", the excellent contrasts between grunts and screams of "Chainsaw Masturbation", the massive bitter weight of "The Fifth Battle", the Hard 'n' Heavy musical approach of "Wargrinder", "Slaves to Darkness" with its bitter slow tempos, "Armies of Immortals" with its nasty and simple musical arrangements, and... Let's say that again these songs are so good that none could be left behind. But the Country approach on "Blood for the Blood God (Pussy Version)" needs to be heard and enjoyed patiently.

After hearing 54 songs, you'll hate the band or love them unconditionally. But by the musical work of DEBAUCHERY and the politically incorrect humor that flows from "Blood for the Blood God", if you're a Metalhead, you'll love the band, Surrender at once and follow the cult.

10 / 10









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"Blood for the Blood God" Track-listing:

CD 1
1. Beasts of Balgeroth
2. Demonslayer
3. Butcherman
4. Ironclad Declaration of War
5. Slaughter the Devil
6. Gorezilla
7. Praise the Blood God
8. Torture Pit
9. Murdermaker
10. German Warmachine
11. Warmachines at War
12. Man in Blood
13. Enemy of Mankind
14. City of Bones
15. Let There Be Blood
16. The Unbroken
17. Beyond the Eternity Gate
18. Blood for the Blood God (Re-recorded)

CD 2
1. There is Only War (Remix 2019)
2. Blood God Rising
3. Blood God Kills
4. Heavy Metal Monsternaut
5. Masters of the Killing Art
6. Slaughtercult of Carnagers
7. Killerbeast
8. Animal Holocaust
9. Back in Blood
10. Butcher of Bitches
11. Blowjob Barbie
12. Defenders of the Throne of Fire
13. Death Metal Warmachine
14. Lords of Battle
15. Warfare (Feat. Schmier)
16. Zombie Blitzkrieg
17. Metal on Metal
18. Kings of Carnage
19. Bloodcrushing Heavy Metal

CD 3
1. Slaughterman
2. Kill Maim Burn (Re-recorded)
3. Devourer of Worlds
4. Hordes of Chaos
5. Chainsaw Masturbation
6. The Fifth Battle
7. Wargrinder
8. Slaves to Darkness
9. Armies of Immortals
10. Continue to Kill
11. Wolves of the North
12. Honour and Courage
13. King of Killing
14. Blood for the Blood God (Pussy Version)
15. Take My Pain
16. To Hell
17. Rocker
18. Walking Glory Roads

Debauchery Lineup:

Gurrath - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Drakornaut I - Bass
Drakornaut II - Drums

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