The Other Side Of Darkness


Ok, "Big Daddy" understood the message: some guys are still trying to bring back Metal […]
May 11, 2015
Deathblow - The Other Side Of Darkness album cover

Ok, "Big Daddy" understood the message: some guys are still trying to bring back Metal to the 80s. I'm sorry to say, but that time is in the past. And past and future never meet, no matter how many you cry, or the amount of your will can reach, or even the tears you shed, the 80s is a time that is dead. And the future really is so bright. If we focus our analysis on Thrash Metal, again I have to say: there are two groups on it, the ones who are breaking boundaries and rules to bring the style to a future, and the ones who really don't want to create anything new, but put their efforts on redoing all past clichés. The result in this last form is the same in 85% of the cases: moldy and dusty sound. And I'm sorry to say that I was a headbanger on the 80s, so bringing me what I already know is a strong and personal offense to my intellect. And beside some aspects of North American quartet DEATHBLOW are good, their EP "The Other Side Of Darkness" almost reached this limit.

Ok, I have to say that their way of making Thrash Metal has some good points (as the guitar solos full of melodies), but besides the energy, the mold feeling of something outdated is a constant of this EP. And as "Big Daddy" here said above: I lived as a headbanger on the 80s, I already know that time bands, so I really don't need something like this. It's almost a Dolly Metal clone.

The sound quality is not so bad, so you'll understand clearly what they are playing and what the band is about. It's heavy and clean, but could be a bit better in terms of the instruments' tunes.

If weren't for the guitar solos full of melodies and some moments where we can feel that these guys really have a personality, the EP could be a total loss of time. Songs like "Beyond Obsession", "The Other Side Of Darkness", and "Headless Throne" show good harmonic constructions, and that they really can do something good. But they fail in the same point of many Dolly Clones: to make 80 Metal way. And we aren't in the 80s, but 30 years after that time, so there's a need to put something really new on your music. It's has nothing to do with putting elements of another Metal styles or trying to sound modern, but it's about the lack of a personalized music, that's all.

But they have another good point: we can feel a personality pumping there, so I hope that it's just a matter of time to them to come and show something better in the future.

5 / 10


"The Other Side Of Darkness" Track-listing:

1. Beyond Obsession
2. Means to an End
3. The Other Side of Darkness
4. Headless Throne
5. Death Wish

Deathblow Lineup:

Holger - Vocals & Guitars
Udem - Guitars
Paul - Bass
Handsome Dan - Drums

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