Rotten Trajectory


“Rotten Trajectory” is crushing and devastating; it has pace, aggression, cool riffs and lead guitars
November 23, 2023

DEATHBLOW were formed in 2012 and they are from Salt Lake City, Utah. The Thrash Metal band were formerly active as DETHBLO. Under their current name, they released so far two full-length albums and one EP. Their second EP “Rotten Trajectory” was recorded and produced by Wes Johnson at Archive Recordings. It has a length of about eight minutes. The EP is an independent release. No video has been released yet.

The EP starts strongly with the fast opener “Rotten Trajectory”. It is a crossover track with plenty of Hardcore vibes in the riffing and vocals. The riffing is crushing, the track is very direct and aggressive, and the harsh vocals are at the medium end of the vocal range. There is a lot of background vocal support during the verse and chorus parts, which gives the track an extra dimension. “Pounder” continues with the mixture of Thrash Metal and Hardcore, where the Thrash Metal elements are very prominent, in particular the tight riffing and the lead guitar solos. It is a fast track with a few slight twists towards mid-tempo. The EP ends with “In Plain Sight”, which is another fast Thrash Metal attack, starting with crunching basslines and, again, tight riffing. The mid-tempo break introduces an extended lead guitar solo, which is without doubt the highlight of the track.

DEATHBLOW deliver a three-song release, which is barely eight minutes long. “Rotten Trajectory” is crushing and devastating; it has pace, aggression, cool riffs and lead guitars. The EP is well produced. If “Rotten Trajectory” is a teaser for a new full-length album, then Thrash Metal fans, who love it fast, aggressive, and like the Hardcore twist, have something to look forward to. If this EP is not a teaser, then simply press the repeat button and listen to it again, you will enjoy it.

8 / 10









"Rotten Trajectory" Track-listing:
  1. Rotten Trajectory
  2. Pounder
  3. In Plain Sight


Deathblow Lineup:

Holger – Vocals, Guitars

Smelly – Guitars

Grave Robber – Drums

Pauli – Bass

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