Gothenburg (Sweden) is a city widely known, in terms of Metal, for its Melodic Death […]
December 4, 2015
Deadheads - Loaded album cover

Gothenburg (Sweden) is a city widely known, in terms of Metal, for its Melodic Death Metal scene, for those ones who plays the so-called "Gothenburg Metal" (a way of sound and play extremely personal from bands from the city). But sometimes, a band from another style can come from there. And this is the case from the quartet DEADHEADS, arriving now with their album "Loaded".

Musically, they play a style of old Metal/Rock, like bands from the 70's as LED ZEPPELIN and some from those North American bands from the 90's like MONSTER MAGNET. So you can have an idea: old and very powerful, done with normal tunes on vocals (used in a good way), distorted guitar riffs and solos, and a powerful and heavy rhythmic kitchen. OK, I know that their style is nothing new at all, but the way they do their music is not cloning anyone else. They just play, and we got an energetic form of music, with very good arrangements and catching harmonies.

The production of the album is fine. Besides in some moments they are trying to sound like bands from the 70's, their songs sound clear and loud, with all musical instruments in their due places, using from some very good tunes on the instruments, so, we can say they get a sound quality good enough to show us the best they got.

"There's A Hole In The Sky" (a heavy and catching song, that presents a lovely 70's feeling, along with energetic tempos and thundering bass and drums' works), the harsh and aggressive "Out Of Here" (with astonishing and strong riffs, and that essential melodic feeling like we hear on albums from the 70's), the bluesy and introspective "Empty Howls" (a deep and tender song, with very good vocals, filling all the spaces, along very good guitar solos), the fast and furious "The Need To Sleep", and the strong "When Blood Runs Out" (what very good guitar on this song, along with an energetic and catching melodies).

A fine album, indeed, and the band is really very good.

8 / 10


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"Loaded" Track-listing:

1. There's A Hole In The Sky
2. Out Of Here
3. Shine On
4. Empty Howls
5. Let Loose The Fool
6. The Need To Sleep
7. When Blood Runs Out
8. What's True
9. The Horror
10. Ucp

Deadheads Lineup:

Manne Olander - Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Rickard Hellgren - Lead Guitar, Slide, Backing Vocals
Christoffer "Sigge" Palmen Unger - Bass
Tim Ferm - Drums

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