Our Fire

Days Of The Phoenix

Well, in South America, there's a Heavy Metal music scene, of course. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, […]
February 1, 2016
Days Of The Phoenix - Our Fire album cover

Well, in South America, there's a Heavy Metal music scene, of course. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile have the stronges t local scenes, with many bands falling into this genre. But I must confess: even living here on this continent and being a Metallian for so long, I really can't remember a single name from Uruguay.  To hear a band as DAYS OF THE PHOENIX, from Montevideo, is a very good experience. Their first album, "Our Fire", generally offers a very good listening experience.

Their musical style is a furious and intense way of playing Metal-Core. Of course, they have a very good technical insight, but to be honest, their music seems to be focused on brutality and aggressiveness. A bit different from other bands from their style, the clean vocals exist, but those tender melodies done on them are almost absent. A bit more, and they would be a Melodic Death Metal band. And this is a feature that turns their work more personalized, and what make their songs are quiet a pleasure to listen to. "Our Fire" has a good sound quality. I must say that some tunes on guitars could be better (just a bit), but the overall quality is good. It's clean and heavy in the way the band needs to create their music. But have one thing in mind: to play Metal styles on South America can be a true trial for our willpower.

The level of their eight songs is very good, in a homogeneous way, I must say. They present quiet violent and abrasive guitars on "The Enlightened Union" (there are some good tempo changes as well), There are very good melodies presented on "A Call To Redemption" (with very good bass and drums work). Then the strong harmonic work presented on "Be.Live" (another very good work from rhythmic session. But you can see some melodic clean vocals here, besides the harsh tunes are in a great shape here). The very good abrasive and hooking riffs on "Even the Fallen Will Rise", and the intense "Crusades" (another fine work from vocals).Yes, they are talented and have a great potential. Just take a hearing on their Bandcamp profile, and you will hear the full album by yourselves.

This is a very good album.

8 / 10


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"Our Fire" Track-listing:

1. The Enlightened Union
2. A Call to Redemption
3. Be.Live
4. Remember the Fifth
5. Even the Fallen Will Rise
6. Recover
7. Heroes of Chaos: The Killing Joke
8. Crusades

Days Of The Phoenix Lineup:

Martin Nuñez - Vocals
Fabián Machado - Guitars
Yamil Sahid - Guitars
Inti Berro - Bass
Sebastián Rebollo - Drums

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