The Six Elements, Vol.3 FIRE

Dawn Of A Dark Age

Well, Italy has a tradition on Black Metal. Since long time, Italian scene is fertile […]
January 12, 2016
Dawn Of A Dark Age - The Six Elements

Well, Italy has a tradition on Black Metal. Since long time, Italian scene is fertile on creating very good Black Metal bands, such as MALFEITOR, HANDFUL OF HATE and many others. And as I said before: Italian Black Metal has a completely different personality. But there are some bands that are even more different than we are used to hear, and DAWN OF A DARK AGE is a proof of what I say. Just hear their new album, "The Six Elements, Vol.3 FIRE", and you'll understand.

Raw and aggressive, using tempos that are not as fast as we all are used to hear, their songs has long durations, and there's an experimental feeling on their music, due the presence of non conventional musical instruments, as saxophone, piano and clarinet along harsh shrieked voices, distorted and hooking guitar riffs, and a solid rhythmic session. Mixing all these elements and you have a totally new insight on Black Metal, but keeping that morbid and darkened music we all are used to.

"The Six Elements, Vol.3 FIRE" has a raw and morbid sound quality, but not as bad as some can think, being clear in the due way. And remember that Black Metal has a particular way to sound, so, the album was done in this way.

We could consider the album as a Black Metal opera due the presence of some guests as P-Kast on viola, Antonio Karlsson on cello, Antje Palka doing some female vocals, Va.Di.N. on additional vocals, Marcello Malatesta (who mixed the album and plays synths and does some effects), and Graziano Brufani on double bass. Yes, it's a different kind of musicians for a different way on Black Metal.

"Awakening Of The Old Flame" is just an instrumental introduction, preparing our ears for "Enonga's Bells 1566 A.D.", a very morbid song, with some Jazz touches here and there, but be prepared for some very aggressive vocals and atmospheric arrangements. On "Pompei (Vesuvio's Waltz)", we have a slow and bitter song, done with a good diversity of arrangements, and fine vocals once more. "Winter Solstice" is a beautiful and darkened song, full of strange Jazz musical arrangements, as violins and other instruments fills the space. On the nasty "Homecoming", we have a mix between harsh and beautiful moments, with very good guitars and melancholic tempos. The album ends on a grandiose and tender song, "Outro N.3 (Kvlt Of The Fire)", that really is astonishing for our senses.

Different and maybe difficult for many to understand, but as you get used to DAWN OF A DARK AGE work, you'll love it!

10 / 10


"The Six Elements, Vol.3 FIRE" Track-listing:

1. Awakening Of The Old Flame
2. Enonga's Bells 1566 A.D.
3. Pompei (Vesuvio's Waltz)
4. Winter Solstice
5. Homecoming
6. Outro N.3 (Kvlt Of The Fire)

Dawn Of A Dark Age Lineup:

Raato - Vocals
Vittorio Sabelli - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Keyboards, Drum Programming

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