Lava Glut

Das Ich

There are many tests of will in this life. Jumping off a cliff with no […]
August 30, 2004
Das Ich - Lava Glut album cover

There are many tests of will in this life. Jumping off a cliff with no parachute and an anvil tied on your neck is one. Swimming in a pool full of sharks and a bad case of tuberculosis is another. Listening to this CD for a second time is probably one of the hardest that will bring your will to its limit. Well, it doesn't quite fall in the "sucks monkey balls category, but rather in the "why the hell was this album given to a metal magazine for a review? one.
I am probably paying my sin for being the most resilient editor in electronic sounds, must be because I have played countless old *bleep* *bleep* video games. Even though I keep on repeating in regular basis how much I dislike industrial music, no-one seems to pay any attention and albums like these end up in my "to review pile.
Ahem, so let's review.
Don't know anything about Das Ich. Not anything surprising to it, considering their previous albums falls in "pop category according to some research I did. This album is probably better. They recorded quite a few parts with an actual orchestra. Is it near Therion or Nightwish quality? Is it even close to Metal or even Rock so that I should care? "No, cried the editor in agony.
It would be an excellent soundtrack for a first person shooter like Quake or Unreal Tournament. Or even a space racing game for PS2. It certainly is something that will make every Ibiza tourist screaming with frenzy and joy.
It gave me almost the same feelings I had when I listened to the latest Theatre of Tragedy but only worst since there is no Liv Kristine in there. I felt so bad with myself after the second listening session that I just had to take a shower and take the techno-dirt off me.
With my last ounce of good will I should state that this album is probably very good for someone into this genre. But the next one who hands me something like this again gets my boot up his right nostril.
It's only fair that I don't give it a rate.

"Lava Glut" Track-listing:

Schwarzer Stern
Meine Wiege
Tot im Kopf
Seele Tanzt

Das Ich Lineup:

Stefan Ackermann - Vocals
Kain Gabriel Simon - Instrumentation
Bruno Kramm - Keyboards

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