Back From Hell

Dark Managarm

Fast, furious and oppressive is the music from French quartet DARK MANAGARM, and with their […]
December 22, 2013
Dark Managarm - Back From Hell album cover

Fast, furious and oppressive is the music from French quartet DARK MANAGARM, and with their second album, "Back From Hell", they seem that got back from a trip to Satan's domains for sure!

It is a heavy and aggressive music, but besides its fury, there are good arrangements on it. It's not noise or just aggressive without sense, for we all can feel that their music has a soul, a meaning of existence well defined, with extreme harsh vocals, excellent guitars riffs, and good rhythmic kitchen (bass and drums, as we in Brazil imply), doing a heavy and well-worked basis. So, be prepared to bleed out through your ears!

The sound quality is good enough for us to hear the instruments separately with no big efforts, but is way harsh to not obliterate their Black Metal soul, spiting blasphemies to all sides and in your face if you dare to defy them. The artwork is too simple, and seems like some old school Metal band, so, be sure to not be confused by it.

In terms of music, their 9 tracks are all fine, but the greater moments are "Back From Hell" (that starts with slow riffs, but them become a fast apocalypse, with very good riffs and drums works), the oppressive "Underworld Glorification" (bass and drums doing a fine work, creating a rhythmic basis strong and with good variations), "Plague", "Nocturnal Reaper" (with some pile driving drums), and "Hell's Wolves Reign".

They have a lot of potential to put out from their hearts, it's clear for us all, and even with some aspects that need to be worked; they can become great in a very near future.

One fine album, indeed, so, let's hope their next attack comes soon.

8 / 10


"Back From Hell" Track-listing:

1. Back from Hell
2. War God Execration
3. Underworld Glorification
04. Necromancia
5. Plague
6. Blasphemic Humiliation
7. Nocturnal Reaper
8. Misanthropic Armageddon
9. Hell's Wolves Reign

Dark Managarm Lineup:

Forcas - Vocals
Hagel - Guitars
Helbrecht - Bass
Davöth - Drums

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