The main idea behind music (and every form of arts) is, before anything, to express […]
September 6, 2023
Danicide - Broken album cover

The main idea behind music (and every form of arts) is, before anything, to express human feelings and thoughts in a musical form. It means to translate something that's immaterial and subjective into something that can be understood by others (even not completely). This is one of the main reasons behind some albums that are hard to be understood or to be labeled as on this or that Metal genre. One can say that about "Broken", the first album of the Paraguay-based one man band DANICIDE. The music itself isn't complex to be swallowed by the listeners, because it's not so technically exaggerated, but the emotions shown on the songs are in a wide range that demands of the band the uses of influences that goes from Gothic Metal to Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Black Metal, and even to Gothic Rock and Pos-Punk elements and aesthetics (as heard clearly on "Broken").

Especially due the contrasts used on the vocals (to normal Gothic Rock-like clean voices to harsh shrieks and grunts). The best thing to be done is to listen and enjoy, because the album bears an amazing hooking energy and a personal expression. It's obvious that Danicide himself did the production, making it sounds understandable and distorted, deep and aggressive, and with a massive energy flowing from each song. It means that it is something very good, but without being a super production or a lo-fi sonority.

Musically, the range of emotions heard on "Broken" tempers the 8 songs heard on it, so be prepared, because songs as "Broken" (that bears an appeal that's silk and aggressive at the same time, with Gothic Metal-like vocals and melancholic musical arrangements), "From the Sky" (a more aggressive song with harsh vocals and grasping guitar riffs), "Volatile" (contrasts between deeper and melancholic moments with harsher and Gothic/Death Metal-like parts is amazing), "War Zone" (a brutal and sharp song full of Death Metal and Thrash Metal elements, with bonecrushing rhythmic parts of bass guitar and drums), "Dark Ages" (this one shows a more Black Metal-like tendency on its arrangements) and "Rise of the Machines" will surely grasp you all. But in some ways it seems that the band's potential is far from what is shown on the album.

As a first album, "Broken" is really a very good surprise, and it means that DANICIDE is the right band for all those fans of Metal that are always seeking for different musical expressions.

8 / 10









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"Broken" Track-listing:

1. Broken
2. From the Sky
3. Volatile
4. War Zone
5. Stronger
6. Dark Ages
7. Rise of the Machines
8. Rage

Danicide Lineup:

Danicide - Vocals

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