It's always possible to get a known Metal genre and to work it on a […]
January 12, 2019
Dallian - Automata album cover

It's always possible to get a known Metal genre and to work it on a personal way. It's the way to create something different from what others have done or are doing. This feature seems to be on Portugal's Metal bands, because they have a particular essence that can't be seeing on other countries. And DALLIAN is a beginner, but the quartet shows personality and an amazing musical work on "Automata", their first release.

DALLIAN put their efforts to create something different in Progressive Death Metal. It's filled with charming orchestrations, great contrasts between melodic and brutal moments, a very good technical approach, but their insight is not usually seen on Metal bands. It's a kind of Baroque/Romantic and even Steampunk soul on their melodies (yes, the forms of poetry/literature that everyone studied), and something that isn't on the genre before, and what is called personality. So let's label their music as Baroque/Romantic Pro Death Metal, and it's not fitting perfectly because it's not so easy to name something with such ample musical range.

On the sound quality, even being a new band (what means that the production didn't earn a great monetary fund from their label), is amazing. It fits on what the band needs, and bounded together all the musical elements with great instrumental tunes (on the guitars, those greasy and modern aggressive tunes are presented). Yes, it's a very good work on the studio, indeed.

The technique arises from the songs of "Automata" as a consequence of the band's work. And the album's songs are carefully arranged, without sounding mechanic. And the excellent melodies of "Satori (悟り)" (charming crude melodies, and lovely guitars and keyboards parts), the Baroque invitation to moshpit called "The Lie Vision" (excellent vocals, contrasting shrieked tunes with guttural grunts and female voices) and "As Within, So Without", the abrasive Romanticism/Steampunk melodies of "Swallow the Sun" (charming rhythmic changes on this slow song, with that introspective feeling and some clean vocals), the brutal orchestral elements of "Corrupt Demiurge" and "The Nun from Azrael" (both with excellent melodies that can't be forgotten easily), the bitter harmonies and excellent rhythmic conductions of "Caixa Pensatória" (even Fado touches can be heard, especially on female voices parts), and... No, there's no meaning in speaking of better moments on "Automata", for it seems to be built to be a cornerstone for some new music experiments in the future.

DALLIAN didn't come to be just another name on Progressive extreme Metal genres, but to be one of its greatest names. Hear "Automata" carefully and be seduced by the bittersweet taste of Romanticism/Steampunk innovation.

10 / 10









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"Automata" Track-listing:

1. Genesis of Awakening
2. Satori (悟り)
3. The Lie Vision
4. As Within, So Without
5. Swallow the Sun
6. Corrupt Demiurge
7. The Nun from Azrael
8. Caixa Pensatória
9. A Lullaby for the Wicked
10. Vãsanã (वासना)
11. Echoes of Arrival
12. The Swine Dialectic
13. A Closure in Crisis

Dallian Lineup:

Carlos Amado - Vocals, Guitars, Portuguese guitar
Leandro Faustino - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar
Ricardo Carniça - Backing Vocals, Guitars
André Fragoso - Drums, Percussion

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