By Night


Modern Metal tendencies have roots in the second half of the 80's, when some musical […]
May 12, 2022
Dagoba - By Night album cover

Modern Metal tendencies have roots in the second half of the 80's, when some musical experiments were done by names as MINISTRY, GODFLESH, PITCHSHIFTER, PANTERA, PRONG, NIИ and others set the foundations of genres that would be mixed in the future. And names as Groove Metal, Industrial Metal, and many more came to be known and commercially praised. This is the reason for acts arising throughout the world, influenced by their works. One is the French quartet DAGOBA that is working since 1997, and here is with their latest release, "By Night".

The album is a fine example of how refreshing a genre. Of course the band keeps the Groove Metal with Industrial Metal influences appeal that made their name famous, but knowing to explore some new aspects (as melodies and clean vocals in many moments). It can be said as influenced by acts as SEPULTURA on "Chaos A.D." era, MINISTRY and others, but with an Old School melodic appeal inherited by US Heavy Metal. It's hard to describe with words, but's really a very good form of music, filled with a greasy and abrasive energy and life. Shawter (the band's vocalist) produced and recorded the album, having the hands of Chris Coulter working on the mixing and the mastering. And although using an abrasive outfit, the music can be understood clearly due the defined work on the musical instruments.

It's intense and melodic, and even bears an accessible appeal in many moments. And "The Hunt" (a massive and aggressive song with some melodic contours due the samples and orchestrations), "Sunfall" (another aggressive song, but the melodic parts with clean vocals will remind a lot modern acts of the genre), "On the Run" (the charming melodies and heavy modern weight entangle in an harmonic way, and good guitars), "City Lights" (a clear accessible appeal is heard on this one), "Summer's Gone" (what a massive weight comes from the bass guitar and drums) are the right ones for a first ride on "By Night", but the entire album is very good.

DAGOBA's music is alive and really charming after all these years. Taste "By Night" and enjoy!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"By Night" Track-listing:

1. Neons (intro)
2. The Hunt
3. Sunfall
4. Bellflower Drive
5. On the Run
6. Break
7. City Lights
8. Nightclub
9. Summer's Gone
10. The Last Crossing
11. Stellar

Dagoba Lineup:

Shawter - Vocals, Samples, Orchestrations
Richard de Mello - Guitars
Kawa Koshigero - Bass
Theo - Drums

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