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Cursus Bellum

Death/Black Metal became a useful genre since the 90's. Although the roots of the genre […]
December 27, 2018
Cursus Bellum - Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit album cover

Death/Black Metal became a useful genre since the 90's. Although the roots of the genre came from the 80's, especially due the contributions of VENOM, SLAYER, KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, CELTIC FROST and BATHORY, only with the commercial success of BEHEMOTH with "Satanica" created a solid way for the new bands on the future. And CURSUS BELLUM is a good name, as "Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit" is here to state.

Their musical work is a form of Death/Black Metal influenced by names of Swedish School, being 70% a Death Metal band with 20% being elements of Black Metal and the last 10% comes from other Metal genres. It's solid and brutal, with some good technical moments, but with some pars when the clichés of the genres becomes too evident. The band's musical work doesn't lack of personality, but it's still far of something that wasn't heard before.

The sound quality of "Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit" is a very good example of how to mix the crude essence of Death Metal from the 90's with the modern outfit given by the digital technologies: the sound is crude and organic as in the past, even with that "smoky" sensation presented during the songs. On other hand, it has that essential touch of sound clarity that the band needs to be understood, and they use and abuse from distorted and good instrumental tunes.

The brutal and fast "Soil Companion" (filled with very good harsh guitar riffs), the good oppressive melodies of "No Promise of God" (the bass guitar and drums are guiding the band's rhythm in a solid and technical way), the technical insight of "The Vortex" (another excellent melodic touch can be detected on the guitars) and on "Plague of Justinian 541-542 A.D.", the brutal grasp imposed by "Life Eater", and the good mix between sharp aggressiveness and brutality shown on "The Soil Beneath Us" are the best songs of the album (having in mind that "Av Jord Är Du Kommen" and "Till Jord Skall Du Åter Varda" are little instrumental intros), but they can do better than that, it's clear.

CURSUS BELLUM is a promising name for the future, but for now, enjoy "Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit" at a loudest volume possible!

7 / 10









"Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit" Track-listing:

1. Soil Companion
2. Drawn to Infernal Depths
3. No Promise of God
4. Av Jord Är Du Kommen
5. Magma Prophet
6. The Vortex
7. Plague of Justinian 541-542 A.D.
8. Till Jord Skall Du Åter Varda
9. Life Eater
10. In Their Rotted Flesh
11. The Soil Beneath Us

Cursus Bellum Lineup:

Anders - Guitars, Bass
Jocke - Drums, Vocals

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