The Savage Weapon


A fine breakthrough from this Danish Old School Speed Metal runners.
April 17, 2024

The coming back of many older forms of playing Metal isn’t a sin at all. To rescue them from the grave is a very good idea, but one trial stands before anyone that tries such thing: how to breathe a new life on an old Metal genre that already exists, and some times, that was eroded due the extensive use back in the past? It’s a matter of doing things as was done by the bands: to play it with heart, because different influences of each musician allowed acts as CROSSFIRE, ARTILLERY, ACID, OSTROGOTH FAITHFUL BREATH and others to be different from each other. And here with the Demo “The Savage Weapon” is the Danish act CRUCIBLE. On the production: things were done in a way to emulate what was done in the past to a certain point. It means that the sonority tries to be simple and organic as it was in the past, evading digital editions and even the use of pre-sets of digital software to emulate instrumental tunes. No, things were done in a simple and handmade way, but as not as crude and poor form as usual for Demo Tapes from the 80s.

The band works on an Old School Speed Metal form, the usual model of the first half of the 80s, with the influences being clearly JUDAS PRIEST (the All-Father 1 of the genre, especially for the high-pitched screams of the vocals), MOTÖRHEAD (the All-Father 2 of the genre, due the filthy appeal in some moments, as heard on “Embrace the Steele”) and other acts, so it’s not a sin to say that they’re a part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) as CAULDRON, SKULLFIST, NIGHT DEMON and others. So one has a fast and melodic sonority, but rich in melodies and, in some moments, with a technical care inherited from acts as RACER X (it’s not a mere coincidence to hear a version of “Street Lethal” here). They can mature things a bit more in the future releases, but’s not bad at all now. It’s truly good to hear such songs.

“Savage Weapon” sounds on a classic Old School Speed Metal form, with fast tempos with fierce guitar riffs and leads, and thin high-pitched vocals and catching melodies. “Embrace of Steele” uses a set of tempos that aren’t as fast as on the previous song, with a thunderous rhythmic roaring from bass guitar and drums, and “Splashed to the Four Winds” follows the same tendency (but with some tempos a bit more slower and a more melodic outfit). “Mad Minute” is shorter and faster, with some Hardcore adrenaline on the tempos (and on the aggressiveness that tempers the song’s melodies). And “Street Lethal” (as mentioned above, a version of the band for an old song of the North American raiders of RACER X) depicts the technical care that the band uses, keeping its fidelity to the original aspects, but using a personal outfit on it.

“The Savage Weapon” shows that the work of CRUCIBLE is still in an embryonic stage, but the band has an amazing potential to be transformed. Let’s hope they’ll do so as soon as possible.

8 / 10









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"The Savage Weapon" Track-listing:
  1. Savage Weapon
  2. Embrace of Steele
  3. Splashed to the Four Winds
  4. Mad Minute
  5. Street Lethal
Crucible Lineup:

Phillip Butler - Vocals
Thomas Carnell - Guitars
Jon Brogård - Guitars
Kenneth Frandsen - Bass (session)

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