From Blue to Black


WOW, what are these guys drinking and/or eating on Spain??? I listened (and liked) a […]
July 22, 2016
Crisix - From Blue to Black album cover

WOW, what are these guys drinking and/or eating on Spain???

I listened (and liked) a lot to "Rise... Then Rest", the second album from Spanish quintet CRISIX. But what the band is playing on "From Blue to Black", their latest album, is something that the world evolution is not enough to describe!

The band's musical style is the very same: a furious and impacting form of Thrash Metal, with some elements from earlier Crossover. But they seem to be waiting to unleash a violent and furious musical onslaught on the new album because the band is sounding violent and brutal, staying away from those 80's Metal Dolly clones. They evolved, brought their musical work to the present, and are still shredding ears and necks with their violent and moshing musical work.

It seems that Oscar David Raventos (the one who mixed the album), along with Jens Bogren's mastering created a strong and impacting sound quality. It is truly heavy and aggressive (pay attention to the instrumental tunes, and you'll understand what I mean), but the sense of musical clarity is better than before. As I said above: it seems that these Thrash Metal freaks understood that a modern sound quality would not damage their musical work or their identity, and abused of it to a point that their music seems like a steamroller crushing our bones to dust!

Very good vocals (with a clear influence from Steve "Zetro" Souza), excellent guitars (both on riffs and solos), and a thunderous work from bass guitar and drums is what they offer on each song of "From Blue to Black". So, prepare your necks and guts!

Better moments?

Don't fuck with my mind, dear nephews and nieces!

This album doesn't have any weak spot. It's massive and brutal, and excellent!

But to those lazy ones, I truly recommend you to hear the savage Thrash Metal bombing from "Conspiranoia" (an excellent song, with very good harmonic structures, and a violent work on the guitars and rhythmic kitchen), the fast and savage "Journey Through the Fire" (very good rhythmic work, having a great drumming. But pay attention to the choirs and violent melodies), the ironic and scorching guitar riffs on "G.M.M. (The Great Metal Motherfucker)" (with slow tempos and some elements from TESTAMENT are presented, along with fine vocals), the ironic "Psycho Crisix World" (that starts melodic and tender, but then explodes with violence and very good backing vocals. But there's some MOTORHEAD influence on this song in some moments), and the hooking tempos and melodies from "Five As One" (hear as the vocals are doing a great job here)

Their finest moment and maybe CRISIX can become even greater out of Spain. To be honest, and for all that I heard before, they are the best Thrash Metal band from the country.

Sorry to say, but "From Blue to Black" puts the band on a very high level on the Thrash Metal scene.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"From Blue to Black" Track-listing:

1. Conspiranoia
2. Journey Through the Fire
3. G.M.M. (The Great Metal Motherfucker)
4. T-Terror Era
5. Psycho Crisix World
6. From Blue to Black
7. Strange
8. Five As One
9. Fallen

Crisix Lineup:

Julián Baz - Vocals
Albert Requena - Guitars
Marc Busqué "Busi" - Guitars
Dani Ramis - Bass
Javi Carrión - Drums

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