Great Escape

Crippled Black Phoenix

In the search for a musical identity, many bands that bear potential can lose their […]
November 3, 2018
Crippled Black Phoenix - Great Escape album cover

In the search for a musical identity, many bands that bear potential can lose their path, and there's always those that bore us to the point that we can't stand awake when they play. That's the case of the octet CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, and "Great Escape" is just a very good medicine for the strongest cases of insomnia. It's a strange and boring mix of Progressive/Gothic Rock in the same way used by TIAMAT, MOONSPELL and other names on their experimental albums (like "A Deeper Kind of Slumber" or "Butterfly Effect"). But it lacks of something to keep our attention focused likes those names. Long experimental and dark songs with the constant melancholic and deep atmosphere can be outstanding for some false intellectuals that want to tell us what is good and what isn't. Sorry, I'm no intellectual, just a writer that looks here and couldn't find anything interesting.

On the sound quality, we must take our hats off to Justin Greaves. His works on the production really is excellent, giving the band the right balance between the darkened and simple melodies of the band with a clear insight. The instrumental tunes were chosen wisely as well. But as a producer, he could have worked with short songs, because it is extremely boring. There are interesting moments on some songs, as on "To You I Give" (the aggressive touches are good), "Madman" (are you trying to be a new DEPECHE MODE? Yes, because we can think of this song in this way, a darkened and simple melody adorned by fine electronic effects and keyboards), "Slow Motion Breakdown" (another song with fine aggressive parts and good guitars), "Nebulas" (another Dark Pop Rock song), "Las Diabolicas" (with some tribal parts in the middle of the excessive melancholy), and the "Great Escape (pt I)" and "Great Escape (pt II)". Yes, they have talent, but must work in a better way, maybe shorting the songs and using a more Pop Rock orientation.

Good intentions, good ideas, but a not so good album...

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Great Escape" Track-listing:

1. You Brought It Upon Yourselves
2. To You I Give
3. Uncivil War (pt I)
4. Madman
5. Times, They Are A'Raging
6. Rain Black, Reign Heavy
7. Slow Motion Breakdown
8. Nebulas
9. Las Diabolicas
10. Great Escape (pt I)
11. Great Escape (pt II)

Crippled Black Phoenix Lineup:

Justin Greaves - Drums and percussion, guitars, bass, samples, saw, backing vocals
Ben Wilsker - Drums
Daniel Änghede - Guitar, backing vocals.
Jonas Stålhammar - Guitar
Tom Greenway - Bass
Mark Furnevall - Synthesizers, Hammond, backing vocals
Helen Stanley - Grand piano, synthesizer, backing vocals, trumpet
Belinda Kordic - Vocals, percussion

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