Liberated Sounds

Counting Days

The ferocity and abrasive sound of Metalcore attracted many fans since the stile appeared on […]
January 2, 2016
Counting Days - Liberated Sounds album cover

The ferocity and abrasive sound of Metalcore attracted many fans since the stile appeared on the world. Some mixes were done since then, for many used the Metalcore formula as a foundation to building a whole musical identity. And this is the case from the English team from COUNTING DAYS, a fine quintet that comes with their new work, the album "Liberated Souls".

It's a massive and aggressive music, including a mix of technique of Metalcore with a Hardcore. The natural melodic insight of the style is under a brutal and oppressive storm of aggressive musical arrangements, brutal and fast, thundering and full of energy. But that abrasive sound on guitars is not as bitter as we use to hear, and that means that these guys are searching for something personal, and they will find it soon. And they are by now a very good name, fusing a good technical level with very destructive tunes and aggressive voices to put the walls down. The production was done in a way that the album's songs flows into our ears in a very good way, being aggressive and melodic, so it demands a sound quality that is strong and heavy, but clean as well. And this is what we found on "Liberated Days".

All of their songs are all full of a catching energy. Yes, the band has a very good work, as you can see on the violent storm called "Burned By Faith" (filled with medium tempos, very good vocals, and thundering rhythmic session), the hooking arrangements heard on "Die Alone", the more Hardcore orientation heard on "Beaten & Scarred" (that has very good guitar riffs), the modern and with little touches of melody called "Fire From The Sky", the thunderous tender melodies that appear on "Sands of Time", the "hard-core-ized" tempos from "Cold Truth" (that presents fast tempos and excellent vocals. But the modern Metal-Core feeling appears a lot as well due the good guitars), and the whipping furious lashes from guitars on "Reunion".

Yes, these English guys are really going to tear the world apart with their music!


8 / 10


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"Liberated Sounds" Track-listing:

1. Burned By Faith
2. Die Alone
3. Beaten & Scarred
4. Life & Death
5. Liberated Sounds
6. Fire From The Sky
7. Days Go By
8. The Vines
9. Sands Of Time
10. Prison Of Misery
11. Cold Truth
12. Reunion

Counting Days Lineup:

Thom Debaere - Vocals
Charlie Wilson - Guitars
Bobby Daniels - Guitars
Alex Dench - Bass & Vocals
Lasselle Lewis - Drums

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