Melodic Rock, AOR, Melodic Hard Rock are all labels to describe that form of music […]
March 24, 2022
Counterline - One album cover

Melodic Rock, AOR, Melodic Hard Rock are all labels to describe that form of music that was extremely popular during the second half of the 70's and the entire 80's: a form of Rock 'n' Roll that could be accessible to a broader public and could sell thousands of copies of a release (remember: this isn't a complete idea to say that a band or album isn't good or not). Names as JOURNEY, FOREIGNER, BON JOVI and many others are references for such a genre, and it's very good to see new names arise to do such music, as COUNTERLINE, as can be heard on "One". The band, in reality, is an effort created by Harold Waller and GG Andreas, who brought a set of invited musicians to improve things.

On the songs of the album pulses the energy and melodic hooks of the commercially praised acts of the 80's, but without giving the idea of hearing to a 'moldy' band. It sounds alive, refreshing and melodic, full of classic hooks and with that excellent melodies that are easy to understand. Yes, it's really a great release. Produced by Harold Waller, and mixed and mastered by Ed Carabantes at Hunter Studios (Chile), the album shows a clear and defined sonority that fits on these days, with the right balance between distortion and other effects to not damage the accessible outfit of the songs (and obviously that the keyboards are sounding omnipresent as well). It's a very good work, indeed.

All the songs that were born from the efforts of Harold and GG are really very good, but for lazy fans that need references to start with an album, "If You're Clear with Your Words" (a tender and melodic song with excellent hooks and a great chorus, based on a very good set of keyboards arrangements and vocals), "Sense of Reality" (another melodic blow delivered by the band, with excellent guitars that fits on the melodic layers of the song), "Write Your Story" (the accessible appeal of this one is amazing, and what a lovely and catchy chorus once more), "Angel" (this one is really a nice radio orientated ballad, with fine keyboards and guitars arrangements, especially the solos, as Kiko Shred is a known good Brazilian six strings master), "Best Part of Me" (excellent orchestrations and strings parts laid on this melodic ballad), and "I Need to Learn" (a frantic Hard/AOR song that's impossible to resist to) are the right ones.

Yes, the album is really an excellent experience, and COUNTERLINE has a lot to offer. But as "One" is the band's first release, the fans can expect a lot of them, and for sure will have it!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"One" Track-listing:

1. If You're Clear with Your Words
2. Sense of Reality
3. The One (Album Edit)
4. Write Your Story
5. Spell of Love
6. Angel
7. Leave It All Behind
8. Best Part of Me
9. Out in the Cold
10. I Need to Learn
11. The One (Single Edit)

Counterline Lineup:

Harold Waller - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming
GG Andreas - Drums, Guitars
Carlos Mendoza - Guitars
Diego Cely - Guitars
Frank Hansen - Guitars
Dany Acosta - Guitars
David Camilo Solano - Guitars
Paul Alfery - Guitars
Kiko Shreds - Guitars
Os Segura - Bass
Rubio Res - Strings, Pianos

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