Wanderers on the Face of the Earth

Cosmic Plunge

If you ask your Ol' Big Daddy here, why the genres of Metal got more […]
March 9, 2015
Cosmic Plunge - Wanderers on the Face of the Earth album cover

If you ask your Ol' Big Daddy here, why the genres of Metal got more and more sub styles, I have to say that when a band with a strong personality arise to success, they start a model. And as in many cases in the music world as a whole, many follow the model, turning it into a great musical tendency, and sometimes, it links a tendency to a specific country. This is the case of musical movements as NWOBHM, North America and German Thrash Metal, Norwegian Black Metal, Swedish and Floridian Death Metal and many others. Actually, it seems that the mix of some style with Stoner Metal is a tendency that is spreading throughout the world. And from Greece (a country with strong roots on extreme Metal) comes the quartet COSMIC PLUNGE, with their first album, "Wanderers on the Face of the Earth".

The best way to describe their musical work is a Doom Metal/Stoner band in the vein of CANDLEMASS (but not as so elegant and not sounding so Sabbathic as them, if you know what I mean) and CATHEDRAL (but not as rude and nasty as they can be sometimes). Of course, they have a great potential in their more melodic and clean way of making their music, but now, their alchemy of good clean vocals (I can swear that their vocalist follows the steps of Messiah Marcolin and Robert Lowe), very good guitar riffs, bass and drums playing heavy and keeping the tempos in slower pace... Well, it's good to hear a band like them, with so much to give.

The sound quality is clean, and thanks to the Metal gods, we can understand what they are playing and what they want to do with their musical efforts with no trouble. But have clearly in your minds, my nephews and nieces: a clean quality doesn't mean that their music is not heavy. Here, it's the opposite: it's heavy as Hell!

Of course, they do a very good work, and the better songs on this album are "Wanderers on the Face of the Earth" (this slow paced tempo is something brilliant, along with a very good rhythmic session giving support to very good vocals), the bitter and melodic "A Tribe Full of Fear" (the guitars seems to be tuned by Tony Iommi himself), and "Dead Man's". But "these are the best songs" don't mean you can leave the others aside.

They've got potential, and I hope their next album can come as soon as possible.<

8 / 10


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"Wanderers on the Face of the Earth" Track-listing:

1. Wanderers on the Face of the Earth
2. Doctrine
3. A Tribe Full of Fear
4. The Curse (Lava Song)
5. Dead Man's
6. Love Stands Beneath the Hurricane
7. Some, They Drown to the Sea

Cosmic Plunge Lineup:

Jim - Vocals
Mick - Guitars
John - Bass
Panagiotis - Drums

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