The Children Of The Snake


Aggression, pace, tight riffing, and cool melodies: “The Children Of The Snake” offers something for every Thrash Metal fan
November 23, 2023

CONTORSION were formed in 2004 and they are from Aargau, Switzerland. They are a Thrash Metal band and after three full-length albums, they release their second EP. “The Children Of The Snake” was recorded by Sebi Schiess at SOS Basement Studio, and mastered by Dan Suter (ELUVEITE; KARMA TO BURN; KROKUS) at Echochamber. It has a length of about 24 minutes. “The Children Of The Snake” is an independent release.

As CONTORSION enter their 20th year of Thrash, they release an EP, which is hopefully the prequel of a full-length album next year. We will see. “The Children Of The Snake” starts with the title song and it shows that traditional Thrash Metal is still alive and buzzing. The title song has all the ingredients of a great Thrash Metal song: the speed, the aggression, the tight guitar riffing, and the cool lead guitar solo. “The Children Of The Snake” is very direct; the riffs are simple, but catchy. The vocals are harsh around the medium end of the vocal range without a lot of variation. The track was released as video and the YouTube link is provided below. “Ghost Of Death” starts with thunderous riffing and strong basslines at mid-tempo. Starting as a head-banger, it quickly transitions into pacier track for the verse parts. The chorus part slows down and is a simple sing-along. Highlight of the track is the extended lead guitar solo, which contributes excellently to the track. “Liar” starts with a bit more complexity in the riffing and with grim melodies, which are slightly oriental inspired. It is another mid-tempo track with tempo changes between the verse parts and the chorus parts. While the faster verse parts are simpler and more direct in the riffing, the slower chorus parts maintain the riffing from the introductory part of the track. “Liar” has a lot of aggression especially during the verse part and the bridge.

Son Of A Bitch” starts with powerful and catchy riffs at mid-tempo. The track has a few Rock vibes during the verse parts and an anthemic chorus part. The lead guitar solo is without doubt the best part of the track, but overall, it cannot quite keep up with the other songs on the EP. “Human Cancer” is introduced with thunderous riffs and transitions into fast track with a lot of aggression in the guitars and the vocals. The chorus part slows down to mid-tempo with simple chorus lines. The EP finishes with “Thrash 4 Life”, and it is another fast track with crushing and tight riffing. The final track is the best track of the EP with the speed, aggression, the riffing, and another excellent lead guitar solo. The best possible way to end the EP.

CONTORSION deliver a good Thrash Metal EP. “The Children Of The Snake” has everything what traditional Thrash Metal can offer: aggression, pace, tight riffing, cool melodies and lead guitar solos. I personally would have wished for less mid-tempo and more speed, however, “The Children Of The Snake” offers something for every Thrash Metal fan. The EP is well produced. If “The Children Of The Snake” is just a teaser for an upcoming full-length album, Thrash Metal fan can be very excited for more Thrash attacks of CONTORSION next year.

8 / 10









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"The Children Of The Snake" Track-listing:
  1. The Children Of The Snake
  2. Ghost Of Death
  3. Liar
  4. Son Of A Bitch
  5. Human Cancer
  6. Thrash 4 Life
Contorsion Lineup:

Marc Toretti – Vocals

Simon Freiburghaus – Guitars

Jon Schnider – Guitars

Matthias Eschmann – Drums

Ralf Luz – Bass

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