Chronology Of Satanic Events


And the Ancient band COLDBLOOD, from Rio de Janeiro, comes back again, to be the […]
November 18, 2013
Coldblood - Chronology Of Satanic Events album cover

And the Ancient band COLDBLOOD, from Rio de Janeiro, comes back again, to be the nightmare from religious one and a torment from some ears not used to extreme Metal with their new CD, "Chronology of Satanic Events".

The band's music evolved. It's still an aggressive Death Metal, but they dare to use some Black Metal elements (specially the guitar riffs that got more technique), a more melodic approach on solos and the drums' work are heavier and intense. Speaking in a very straight way: it's COLDBLOOD's old personality with a new sight, and it's very good.

The guitars and bass were recorded at Hell Transcendental Studios, and vocals and drums at HR Studios, having the mixing and mastering done by Chris "Mersus" Menning (GRÄFENSTEIN, KETZER, and others) at The Underworld Studio, in Solingen, Germany, and we can say that their music is very heavy and cohesive, having all instruments sounding clear, as they must be. The artwork is a fine piece, using as background a picture taken in an old Peru Christian temple, showing the musical holocaust that our ears will hear.

The Best songs: "Anti-Christian Neo-Sectarianism" (with some marvelous harsh vocals and excellent guitar solo), the more traditional (in terms of Death Metal) "Cross Inversion" (hear the strength of the guitar riffs and drums), the fast "Kristophobia", the blast of aggressiveness "Evil Icon", and "Chronology of Satanic Events" (well worked, with good tempo variations and great guitar work again).

The band keeps strong, and I, the Metalhead, gain a lot for it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Chronology Of Satanic Events" Track-listing:

1. Anti-Christian Neo-Sectarianism
2. Cross Inversion
3. Anthropomorphic Idolatry
4. Kristophobia
5. Insignia of Abba
6. Hell Transcendental
7. Metastasis (Christ)
8. Avoid Jehovah
9. Evil Icon
10. Chronology of Satanic Events

Coldblood Lineup:

D. Arawn - Guitars, Vocals
Artur Círio - Lead Guitars
M. Kult - Drums

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