Utter Contempt For Life

Cold Crypt

Well, some albums were born to test our convictions and ears. Yes, these albums is […]
February 1, 2015
Cold Crypt - Utter Contempt For Life album cover

Well, some albums were born to test our convictions and ears. Yes, these albums is what we, on Metal media, are used to call "difficult" ones, maybe for the understanding of what they are saying is beyond our comprehension. It's something hard sometimes. And COLD CRYPT, an one man band from UK is one of those. Their new album, "Utter Contempt For Life" is a clear proof of what Ol' Big Daddy here is saying/writing. Mixing a harsh and aggressive way of playing Black Metal with some Atmospheric/Ambient, it somewhat reminds us of a raw and abrasive mix of MAYHEM and BEHERIT darkened styles with morbid atmospheres, and has some moments of Depressive Black Metal. And it's very good to hear something like this album, with such vocals (harsh as Black Metal must be), great guitar riffs (sometimes extremely darkened and really morbid accords), and a good rhythmic basis allied to graven keyboards. The quality here is extremely raw, the way some works from Black Metal from 90's really sounded, but not to the point you couldn't understand what is being played. No, here you can have a good idea of the musical arrangements. The album has great and good moments, some great songs, and I'd like to tell you all to hear it from the beginning to the end, but the best songs we have are the very good and abrasive "Born to Abhor" (very good and aggressive vocals and riffs) the morbid and depressive "Passing Through Whispers" (a long, melodic and melancholic instrumental, focused on guitars and keyboards) and the mischievous and abrasive "Ugly Passion". I must repeat to you, dear nephews and nieces of mine: it's not an easy album to hear and understand, especially if it's your first time with their work. But if you get used, you really will appreciate it.

8 / 10


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"Utter Contempt For Life" Track-listing:

1. Born to Abhor
2. Red Drenched
3. Passing Through Whispers
4. Purest Negative Thoughts
5. Grieving Tranquility
6. Odiums Origin
7. Ugly Passion
8. The Herald of Sickness
9. Farewell to Innocence

Cold Crypt Lineup:

Raze - All Instruments, Vocals

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