The Peace Paradox


The melodies and the ways of traditional Heavy Metal has a strong grip on many. Heavy […]
February 1, 2016
Codex - The Peace Paradox album cover

The melodies and the ways of traditional Heavy Metal has a strong grip on many. Heavy Metal fans and bands. And if we remind ourselves when Progressive Metal was born, we could say that names like QUEENSRYCHE appeared firstly on traditional Heavy Metal ranks. With the same energy we could feel on earlier works from JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, but with the elegant elements from Progressive Rock that RUSH brought into the things on the 70's. We could say that the Dutch band CODEX has a very good work between Progressive Metal and traditional Heavy Metal, as we can hear on their first album, "The Peace Paradox".

We can say that their work fits extremely well between works like "Warning" and "Rage For Order". No, they aren't a copy, just a band with the same style, with a good instrumental technique, but with an elegant and strong weight presented on their songs. For all those who miss a simpler (but good) on Progressive Metal, their music is really for you. "The Peace Paradox" was produced and mastered by Tymon Kruidenier (who did some sound engineering too), with Ingmar Otter mixing the album (and doing some sound engineering as well). The result is a clean sound quality, with very good amounts of weight. But some tunes on guitars and bass could be done in a heavier and aggressive way.

No, the sound is not bad at all, just could be better. "Heat Of War" with its technical approach and excellent vocals (in a style that reminds a lot Bruce Dickinson is his earlier works). The climatic and tender "The Peace Paradox" (showing very good arrangements on guitars, and fine vocals as well) shows the elegant and heavy work on rhythmic session that late would become the track "Hollow Meat" . The melodies and good technical work shown on "Perfect Dancer" (where very good vocals meets with fine guitars). The almost-Progressive Rock song "The Arithmetic Mean" (here, the RUSH influence is clear. The guitars are creating some interesting melodies, but bass and drums are the main creative force behind the song) are their finest moments. But the entire album is a good experience for our ears.

They are talented, and can show a very good work in the future. By now, they are a good band.

7 / 10


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"The Peace Paradox" Track-listing:

1. Heat of War
2. The Peace Paradox
3. Social Pressure
4. Hollow Meat
5. Legacy
6. Beginning (Made For It)
7. Perfect Dancer
8. The Arithmetic Mean
9. Alienated

Codex Lineup:

Rhodan Ten Kleij - Vocals
Ingmar Otter - Guitars
Arjen de Boer - Bass
Niek Ten Cate - Drums

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