The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I


At the end of the Glam Metal age in the USA, many different musical genres […]
January 2, 2021
Clutch - The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I album cover

At the end of the Glam Metal age in the USA, many different musical genres arose simultaneously, and not only Grunge Rock as many people think. The number of labels is vast, and the best way to describe all of them is 'Alternative Rock', and forgetting disgusting bands that only arose due the trend, some excellent names arose on those days, names as from the North American quartet CLUTCH. They're still on the charge, and now they're releasing an interesting compilation called "The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I".

On this release, there are re-recorded versions from some of their songs along with covers from other bands. And to label their music is not so simple: they blend elements from Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Alternative Metal/Rock, Stoner Rock, Funk Metal (due the strong Groove touches in many parts), Southern Rock, and many more. This creates a personal form of music full of many excellent hooks and melodies. The quartet produced the album, and the sonority is solid and coherent, and an organic feeling can be heard clearly. It sounds great, clean and defined, but with a mastodonic weight flowing as well along with very good instrumental tunes. And by the way, there are some guests on the album: one is Randy Blythe (the singer of LAMB OF GOD) making some vocals on "Passive Restraints"; and the other is Shawna Potter on the backing vocals on "Willie Nelson".

All the songs are very good, but the best ones for a first time on "The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I" are "Passive Restraints" (a song with an abrasive and strong influence from Groove/Funk on some moments), "Electric Worry" (the load of Southern Rock and Stoner Rock influences is extremely evident, with charming guitars and vocals), "Evil" (a Willie Dixon song that sounds great on their way), "Fortunate Son" (an old success of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, here presented with a modern and defined upgrade, but keeping its original hooks, and what a solid work on bass guitar and drums), "Spacegrass" (a long song with some experimental touches, and it bears a nasty Stoner Rock energy), "Precious and Grace" (a version of an old song from Texan beardy kings of a ZZ TOP, with an amazing catchy set of melodies), and "Willie Nelson" are the right ones.

Although CLUTCH has commercial success, by what is shown on "The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I", they deserve a higher praise.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol. I" Track-listing:

1. Passive Restraints
2. Electric Worry
3. Run, John Barleycorn, Run
4. Evil
5. Fortunate Son
6. Algo Ha Cambiado
7. Spacegrass
8. Precious and Grace
9. Smoke Banshee
10. Willie Nelson

Clutch Lineup:

Neil Fallon - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards
Tim Sult - Lead Guitar
Dan Maines - Bass
Jean-Paul Gaster - Drums, Percussion

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