Before the Sun Sets

City of Lights

There are moments when a writer becomes so familiar on a set of musical genres […]
April 28, 2022
City of Lights - Before the Sun Sets album cover

There are moments when a writer becomes so familiar on a set of musical genres that things become easier, even to have a clear idea of a possible label that would release a kind of band. And when hearing the work of the international act CITY OF LIGHTS shown on "Before the Sun Sets", this writer here thought that 'it's a band released by Frontiers Music'. And I was right! The band's music is a form of AOR/Melodic Rock with a modern and refreshing approach, with many musical hooks and features that are usual to hear on the bands as JOURNEY, TOTO, BOSTON and others. But don't get the wrong idea: the band's musical efforts are filled with personality as well. So expect a form of music that's plenty of many hooking choruses (the contrasts between backing vocals and vocals are great), charming and melodic keyboards parts, and melodies that are easy to understand and love at the first hearing. What are you waiting to hear and let yourself be entangled by their music?

The mixing and mastering of "Before the Sun Sets" were done by the hands of the known AOR producer Erik Gavfelin Wiss (the same one who worked previously with acts as CRUZH, CREYE, CAP OUTRUN and others). And the sonority is really amazing, clear and defined, but with that distorted rough touch that a Rock album must bear. And the band had some invited musicians to give a hand: on the guitar solos, Nathan Doyle, Daniel Johansson, Jonathan Carlemar, and Mike Kyriakou (Kyre); on the keyboards solo, Mikael Blanc; on the piano, Joel Selsfors; and on Wahwah guitar, Matt Farmer.

The album is the band's first coming, but due the experience of its members, everything is really sounding great. But to check what they're able to do, check "Racing on the Redline" (a massive energy with sets of catchy melodies, a remarkable chorus filled with excellent backing vocals, and what great guitar riffs), "Heart's on Fire" (the 80's elements used on the guitars and vocals are clear, and lovely keyboards can be heard), "Emily" (an amazing and accessible song that can become a radio success), "Heat of the Night" (a song with that old and good set of 80's grandiose moments contrasting with tender moments), "Give Me Back My Heart" (another charming accessible moment, filled with very good guitar solos), "Put Your Heart on the Line" and "Midnight Club" (both presenting solid works from bass guitar and drums on the rhythmic conductions, but what lovely melodies), and "Before the Sun Sets". But have in mind one important thing: all the songs are really fine pieces of AOR.

All that's left to say after listening to "Before the Sun Sets" is welcome, CITY OF LIGHTS, and please, stay with us for a long time.

10 / 10









"Before the Sun Sets" Track-listing:

1. Racing on the Redline
2. Heart's on Fire
3. Emily
4. Heat of the Night
5. Dying Light
6. Give Me Back My Heart
7. Put Your Heart on the Line
8. Snake Eyes
9. Joanna
10. Midnight Club
11. How to Love
12. Before the Sun Sets

City of Lights Lineup:

Manos Fatsis - Vocals
Neil Austin - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Choirs, Programming
Robin Eriksson - Bass, Harmony Vocals
Mats Eriksson - Drums

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