Speed the Bullet


Since the Heavy/Power Metal bands learned to use modern instrumental tunes to give an increase […]
February 23, 2019
Chontaraz - Speed the Bullet album cover

Since the Heavy/Power Metal bands learned to use modern instrumental tunes to give an increase to the weight of their songs, the range of musical possibilities became more ample than before. Maybe this era started when KAMELOT released "The Black Halo" back on 2005. And as a fruit of that experimental epoch, "Speed the Bullet", the second album of the Norwegian quintet CHONTARAZ is here to break the limits and show that Norway is not a country for extreme Metal genres.

The quintet makes a fine blend between Power Metal and modern traditional Heavy Metal but using elements from extreme Metal as well (as the harsh sand shrieked vocal tunes heard on "Blind", and some Thrash Metal elements on guitars during "Animalistic"). The modern outfit used for the musical instruments (that ones that are usual to modern Metal tendencies as Metalcore), but not in a way that the sound becomes greasy and abrasive. And the electronic keyboards effects complete the apocalyptic post-modern insight of their music that is unique, mixing melodies with aggressiveness without becoming boring or difficult to be assimilated by the listeners. Yes, it's good, new and really amazing for our senses.

The sound quality of the album was built to keep CHONTARAZ's musical elements bounded together. It sounds aggressive, clean and modern, in the way their songs need to become alive and full of energy, but the melodic essence of their work is presented in a way that is easy to be heard and understood. And the choice for the modern tunes is great as well.

The charming mix between modern Groove with their melodic essence shown on "Blind" (a very good work from guitars, and it has very good electronic effects creating a good musical ambiance), the catchy modern melodies of "Speed the Bullet" (a great work from the vocals can be heard, using very good sets of tunes from normal voices to shrieked parts), the modern and aggressive ballad "Blue Skies Turn Black", the mix of Power Metal melodies with a Black Metal insight of "Ra Fa El" (the bass guitar and drums creates a powerful rhythm here), the abrasive and hypnotic tempos of "Inflict and Self Destruct", and the apocalyptic melodic hook of "Kraakh" can be pointed as the best moments of the album, but it is entirely good from the beginning to its end.

Maybe their musical formula needs some maturing, but CHONTARAZ is on the right path. And "Speed the Bullet" can be pointing to a new future for Metal

8 / 10









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"Speed the Bullet" Track-listing:

1. Blind
2. Speed the Bullet
3. Animalistic
4. Blue Skies Turn Black
5. Echoes
6. Ra Fa El
7. One
8. Inflict and Self Destruct
9. Fences
10. Cry
11. Kraakh

Chontaraz Lineup:

Chontaraz - Vocals
Arkhan - Rhythm Guitars
Ahkon - Lead Guitars
Rhimm - Bass
Naagh - Drums

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