Paths to Exile

Chaos Frame

Well, sometimes, due to the lack of better explanations, even I, an experienced Metallian, became […]
January 1, 2016
Chaos Frame - Paths to Exile album cover

Well, sometimes, due to the lack of better explanations, even I, an experienced Metallian, became confused due to all these labels into Metal. And to be extremely honest, I always say, "fuck you", to this kind of thing, because labels never fit to what they are used for, or in other words, to explain what a band is playing. And to explain what bands like the North American quintet, CHAOS FRAME play, is not something easy to do. "Paths to Exile", their second and latest album, is here to prove my words.

They are labeled as a Progressive Metal band, but playing with such weight?

Of course they have a very good technique, but their music is extremely heavy, and done without a musical eclectic insight. No, they are a Metal band, and seem to be proud of their more Metal musical orientation. It's clear through these excellent vocals (that sometimes reminds the style from Geoff Tate), powerful end technical guitars, and solid and heavy rhythmic session. To be honest, their work can be compared to something in the vein of QUEENSRYCHE, being a bit heavier. But they have personality and their work is really very good.

The album's producer and the guys who did the mixing and mastering really did a fine work. The band's music sounds heavy and strong, but extremely clear, so we can understand what they are doing clearly. And this allows us to have a clear idea of what are their musical ideas on all of their songs.

The elegant "Painful Lessons" (with some very good riffs, along with intricate tempos and excellent vocals), the aggressive "Paths to Exile" (with extremely good rhythmical riches, due the good work done on bass and drums, along with some excellent choirs), the abrasive "Derceto" (some nasty guttural grunts are presented in this song, but in the brutal moments. But not all the song is filled with them, because their more Progressive side is evident here as well), the intense and technical "Giantkiller" (one of their greatest moments, presenting a song with heavy and Progressive aspects in one balanced consensus. And excellent guitars are heard here), the excellent "Doomed", and the wonderful "The World Had Two Faces" (another one rich in rhythmic changes and great work on guitars and vocals once more. Pay attention to the solo) can be pointed as their best songs, but hear the entire album and you'll see that they are all very good.

They are a mature band, and their work deserves to be heard for all those who really love Metal without labels.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Paths to Exile" Track-listing:

1. Painful Lessons
2. Paths to Exile
3. Derceto
4. Terra Firma
5. Paper Sun
6. Giantkiller
7. Doomed
8. The World Had Two Faces

Chaos Frame Lineup:

Dave Brown - Vocals
Matt Hodsdon - Guitars
Andy Xiong - Guitars
Aaron Lott - Bass
Steve Bergquist - Drums

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