Daytrip to Narnia

Cats In Space

During the 70's, many bands gathered influences from Rock 'n' Roll and Pop Rock, and […]
March 1, 2019
Cats In Space - Daytrip to Narnia album cover

During the 70's, many bands gathered influences from Rock 'n' Roll and Pop Rock, and created an accessible musical format that could reach a broad range of fans. From mothers and fathers to sons and daughters, this musical format that today can be put together as earlier Hard Rock as Classic Rock is really good. And the septet CATS IN SPACE brings this particular format to the present days, gathering excellent results. One listening on "Daytrip to Narnia" is enough to show the band value.

It's not so simple to describe what their music shows with mere words: it's melodic, grandiose and filled with an elegant musical insight. It can sound Progressive in some moments, Hard Rocking in others, but always concrete like a rock, standing with excellent guitar riffs forming a psychedelic wall of sound contrasting with charming keyboards parts, very good vocals and choirs, and a massive work on the rhythmic. Maybe it can sound too eclectic for some Metalheads, but if you're looking for music to enjoy a good time, you found the right album for you. The sound quality is perfect. It's clean and put the band's musical elegance in evidence. Of course it's a Rock album, but all was chosen to make the music of the band accessible as well, and that means that the instrumental tunes are not chosen to be aggressive or dirty, but clean to sustain the Pop Rock scent of their work.

The Pop touch of "Narnia" (with its great work from vocals and keyboards), the Space Rock elements of "She Talks Too Much" (very good backing vocals can be heard here, with fine and easy to assimilate melodic line), the tender melodies with some rough elements on "Hologram Man" (charming chorus, indeed) and on "Silver & Gold", and the six songs that form the epopee called "The Story of Johnny Rocket" (that are the intro "Space Overture", and the songs "Johnny Rocket", "Thunder in the Night", "One Small Step", "Twilight", "Yesterday's News", and "Destination Unknown") are excellent experiences for those who are into Classic Rock or even on 70s Pop Rock. It can be said that anyone with a good musical taste will like "Daytrip to Narnia" without any problem.

For sure CATS IN SPACE are doing things that aren't new, but the way they do things on "Daytrip to Narnia" is enough to be labeled as an excellent band.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Daytrip to Narnia" Track-listing:

1. Narnia
2. She Talks Too Much
3. Hologram Man
4. Tragic Alter Ego
5. Silver & Gold
6. Chasing Diamonds
7. Unicorn
8. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Space Overture
9. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Johnny Rocket
10. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Thunder in the Night
11. The Story of Johnny Rocket - One Small Step
12. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Twilight
13. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Yesterday's News
14. The Story of Johnny Rocket - Destination Unknown

Cats In Space Lineup:

Paul Manzi - Vocals, Screams
Mick Wilson - Vocals, Acoustics, Additional Synthesizers
Greg Hart - Guitars, Tubular Bells, Acoustics, Vocals
Dean Howard - Guitars
Andy Stewart - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocoder, Organ
Jeff Brown - Bass, Vocals
Steevi Bacon - Drums, Percussion, Timpani, Vocals

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