Carry the Torch

Any eroded Metal genre can be brought back to a new life with some creative […]
April 12, 2023
Carry the Torch - Delusion album cover

Any eroded Metal genre can be brought back to a new life with some creative new elements into it, and no one needs to be enchained in the past. Everyday new bands are showing and trying to bring new forms of music by fusing elements of older Metal sides (even with some non-Metal touches) into something new and fresh. And one can say that the Swedish quartet CARRY THE TORCH shows enough courage to bring limits down, as can be heard on "Delusion", their second album and latest release. The band is labeled as a Death/Thrash Metal act, what it really is. But if one is waiting for a carbon copy of SLAYER or any other in this trait, give up: the quartet is courageous to do what anyone is waiting.

It's not usual for such genre to show charming traditional Swedish Metal melodies (pay attention to the guitars on "Clear View of the End" to have an idea of what these words mean), and even the unorthodox use of keyboards parts (as can be heard clearly on "Delusion"), and more. And the band's music is coherent, full of aggressiveness and weighty, but carefully arrangements and full of traces that oppose to Death/Thrash Metal current model. And that's precisely the reason for this album has a peculiar a particular appeal. "Delusion" material was written and recorded by Philip on his studio, in Boxholm (the guitars and bass parts, in reality, as the drums were recorded at a studio at Zokker, Mörbylånga). All these efforts were done for a clean and defined sonority that enables the fans to understand what the band is offering on the album, but always with massive weight and aggressiveness.

As a second album, "Delusion" shows a great work, and a step ahead of what the band shown on "Obsession" (their first album, released on 2019). It's truly hard to name one or two songs as 'the best songs of the album', but as a referential frame for the readers, one can taste "Children of the Purge" (some tempos and guitar riffs are clearly in a Death/Thrash Metal tendency, but the chorus shows wonderful melodies), "Delusion" (that is deeper in many aspects, with clear Swedish Metal melodies arising in many moments, always guided by excellent guitar riffs and fine keyboards arrangements), "Clear View of the End" (the tempos aren't truly fast, so it boost the weight and allows the vocals to express their work in a great way with its grunts), "Carry the Torch" (another one based on tempos that are fast in some moments, and slower on others, but always with hooking Death/Thrash Metal guitar riffs), "Where Dead Saints March" (an oppressive and bonecrushing song, always guided by a very god rhythmic sustain given by bass guitar and drums), "El Nino" (a storm of furious and fast song, but pay attention to its guitar duets and some Hardcore orientated bass guitar and drums moments), and "Until the Light Takes Us".

As said above, "Delusion" is a step ahead of what CARRY THE TORCH showed on their first album, and it depicts as well that they're just starting to show the band's talons to the fans. Listen and enjoy a lot!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Delusion" Track-listing:

1. Children of the Purge
2. Delusion
3. Clear View of the End
4. Lazarus
5. Carry the Torch
6. The Fathomless Deep
7. Where Dead Saints March
8. Filtered
9. El Nino
10. As We Drown
11. Until the Light Takes Us

Carry the Torch Lineup:

Dennis Johansson - Vocals
Philip Nilsson - Guitars
Victor Wahlstedt - Guitars
Björn Lindgren - Drums

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