On what many call as Melodic Rock today (that was called as AOR on the […]
June 14, 2019
Cannonballz - 8Ballz2Many album cover

On what many call as Melodic Rock today (that was called as AOR on the past) always presented a special particularity: it's one of Rock genres where you can find a great number of side projects. Some of them don't deserve mention, but a great part of them are amazing. And with a super band as CANNONBALLZ, the thing worked in high level, because "8Ballz2Many" (that is written on many internet sources as "8 Ballz 2 Many" as well) is an amazing release.

The names of the musicians are linked to acts as LIVING COLOUR, Mick Jagger, GTR, MARILLION, Joe Satriani, and who worked on soundtracks of films as "Staying Alive" and "Rocky IV" as well, among other works, and on the album, the purest Classic Rock with ambiences that will remind the listeners of bands of the 70s and 80s, and wouldn't be a sin to put them in the same team of bands as TOTO and SUPERTRAMP, for their musical work is based on very good melodies, an accessible insight to reach even the older Rock fans, and can sound as Pop Rock to many others. And "8Ballz2Many" is really a very good experience for the ears and heart.

The sound quality is extremely clean, the right one to make the songs gain life and the right energy. And the instrumental tunes are rich, bold and strong, making everything even better. It's a great work from Jonathan Mover (production) and Fran Flannery (mixing). All the songs of "8Ballz2Many" can reach the heart of the listener easily (only if the who's listening to the album is an extreme Metal fundamentalist, of course), but it's impossible to not surrender to the charming melodic appeal of "Sari" (excellent vocals, indeed, along with the charming backing vocals during the chorus), the intense melodic groove of "Never Giving Up" and on "Justin Thyme" (very good work of bass guitar and drums on both songs), the charming and noir ambiance of "I'll Take the Pain" (fine clean guitar touches, but the keyboards are very good as well), and the amazing rhythm of "Lost In Time". On the second time on the album, all the others will hook you for sure.

This album is amazing, and I hope CANNONBALLZ has a plan for a second, a third and many more albums. It can be a musical project, but it deserves to be great!

10 / 10









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"8Ballz2Many" Track-listing:

1. Sari
2. Never Giving Up
3. When I Think of You
4. Justin Thyme
5. Heart Without a Soul
6. Sammy on the Wall
7. I'll Take the Pain
8. Lost In Time
9. URanus? MYanus!
10. Tomorrow Never Knows

Cannonballz Lineup:

Robbie LaBlanc - Vocals (Fury, Blanc Faces, Find Me, Solo)
Alan Friedman - Guitars (The Accounting Crows, Sessions, Solo)
Doug Wimbish - Bass (Living Colour, Tackhead, Mick Jagger)
Vince DiCola - Keyboards (Transformers, Storming Heaven, Rocky IV, Staying Alive)
Jonathan Mover - Drums, Percussion (Marillion, The Tubes, GTR, Joe Satriani)

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