God is Violence

Cancer Christ

Pay attention to the sermons of this Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal act.
February 28, 2024

It’s common to see bands creating a concept and translating it into a total theatrical thing, what gives such acts a distinct personality. Such idea to some is a form of taking attention of the music, to others is a fine complement. In reality, it’s good to see such thing as long as the music is good. Now imagine a band that works such concept as a kind of church and you’ll have CANCER CHRIST, of Los Angeles, California (USA), here to preach with “God is Violence”, their first full length. The album was produced by Tommy Meehan and Anthony Mehlhaff, and recorded at Dolphin Fucker studios and Seahorse Sound studios by Tommy on the first studio, and Rollie Ulug on the second one. The mixing and mastering were done by Rollie. The sonority is clean and defined, but simple and straight, like a Hardcore/Crossover recording, but the weighty of the instrumental tunes and the clarity are here, and no one can complain about the result. The cover is a work of Andrei Bouzikov, showing the black mood of the band on its preaching.

In hands, we have a band that uses a different and fresh appeal into a mix between Thrash Metal and Crossover, as S.O.D., D.R.I, M.O.D. and others. But pay attention: the band has personality and uses such musical formula to create excellent and short songs that are easy to like. And the best of all: the preaching of the band is really charming and fun. What one could ask more of them in the end of things? And be prepared for moshpits and intense headbanging when dealing with their music! 20 short songs are waiting to shred your ears, so be prepared for a massive assault.

The best sermons: “Do You Wanna Go to Heaven?” (a massive Crossover song filled with a charming and aggressive energy), “Baptized in Piss and Shit” (this one depicts the clear influence of early North American hardcore on its instrumental parts, especially on bass guitar and drums), “God Hates Cops” (this one has that essential touch of NYHC on some guitar riffs and riffs), “Bring Back the Guillotine” (very good rhythmic shifts and nasty vocals during the preaching), “Jesus Got a Big ‘Ol Cock” (some traces of modern genres are heard on this one), “Tithe or Die” (massive Grindcore touches are heard during the blast beats parts, and what good lead guitars), “God Made Me Do It” (a purely Crossover song in the same vein of what was heard on “Speak English or Die”), “God Bless the Rapists” (here they show a more Thrashcore way, with intense riffing and rhythmic shifts), “Satan is a Bitch” (another hardcorized song), and “Make Them All Dead” are the best ones.

After all, music is about fun too. So pay your respects to CANCER CHRIST’s music, and listen to the sermons of “God is Violence”.

8 / 10









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"God is Violence" Track-listing:
  1. Hail Christ
  2. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven?
  3. Baptized in Piss and Shit
  4. God Hates Cops
  5. Hail Christ I
  6. Bring Back the Guillotine
  7. Prosperity Preacher
  8. Interlude
  9. Jesus Got a Big ‘Ol Cock
  10. Tithe or Die
  11. Hail Christ V
  12. God Made Me Do It
  13. Hail Christ IV
  14. God Bless the Rapists
  15. Taking Up Serpents
  16. The Blood of Jesus
  17. Satan is a Bitch
  18. Hail Christ II
  19. Make Them All Dead
  20. Saint Anthony’s The Sermon
Cancer Christ Lineup:

Saint Anthony - Lead Vocals
Snake Boss - Guitars, Vocals, Samples
Diesel Snake - Guitars
Piss Snake - Bass, Vocals
Apocalypse Snake - Drums

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