The New Era Begins

Burning Rome

Well, the modern Metal bands are really daring to create something different, with the aim […]
September 3, 2016
Burning Rome - The New Era Begins album cover

Well, the modern Metal bands are really daring to create something different, with the aim to survive into a musical world where illegal downloads and apathy is becoming greater each day that pass. And maybe that's the way to conquest fans, because the ones inside the scene seems that will never understand what modernity means.

And the Italian quintet BURNING ROME seems to understand what I mean, because their album "The New Era Begins" is really different from what we already know. Yes, it's truly new.

Well, their musical work could be said as a good blend between PARADISE LOST and ANATHEMA in their progressive / darker works, with a scent of modern and hooking elements from KORN and SOAD that permeates their songs. There are aggressive moments, but their musical sounds melodic and modern.

The sound quality is really very good. Yes, it is really good, uniting the necessary weight and aggressiveness with a clean sound, and the tunes were chosen wisely, in a way that their music sounds accessible for a broader public. And the artwork for the cover is a creation of Garjan Atwood of Bathory Project, presenting a figure that reminds something we saw on the film "Planet of the Apes".
The melodic grasp shown on "Silence and Me" and "Lonely Boy" (both with very good and charming melodies, and great musical accessibility, and fine vocals and guitars as well), the heavy introspection shown on the tempos of "Never Never", the charming guitars and rhythmic work of "Into Shadows" (another one filled with melodies of easy assimilation, and with excellent chorus), the technical approach of the introspective "The Same Old Story" and the heavy weight work from bass guitar and drums heard on "Gravity" can be said as their finest songs, but the whole album is good.

They are good, and can be great as many fans hear their songs.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The New Era Begins" Track-listing:

1. In Hoc Signo Vinces
2. Silence and Me
3. Lonely Boy
4. Never Never
5. The Art of Bleeding
6. Into Shadows
7. Who Do You Think We Are
8. The Second Wave
9. The Same Old Story
10. Gravity
11. This is the Place

Burning Rome Lineup:

Beppe Jago Careddu - Vocals
Nicola Nic13 Baglivi - Bass
Marzio Francone - Drums
LuKo - Lead Guitars
Six - Rhythm Guitars

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