20 Good Summers

Buckets Rebel Heart

There are times when even the most die-hard extreme Metal fan must relax and enjoy […]
December 27, 2018
Buckets Rebel Heart - 20 Good Summers album cover

There are times when even the most die-hard extreme Metal fan must relax and enjoy a good time, without any compromise that isn't to have a good time. In those moments, everyone searches for something melodic and catchy, maybe some Hard Rock/Classic Rock band. If that's the case, the name of BUCKETS REBEL HEART is the one that anyone must search for, because "20 Good Summers" is an amazing dose of fun and joy that everybody must have the right to hear.

The quartet is the new effort of the former guitarist of BAD COMPANY and HUMBLE PIE, Dave "Bucket" Colwell, with 720 & NEW TORPEDOES drummer Paul "Taff" Edwards. And they had joined forces with the vocalist Jim Stapley (with his silk and melodic voice) and the former bassist of THE QUIREBOYS Dave "Boycie" Boyce on this band. It's not a surprise that the album has that delicious and hooking energy that flows from old and melodic Hard Rock/Classic Rock, with some Pop elements in the most accessible moments, and those Country/Southern Rock touches that hooks the listener. You can say that it's not a new musical form, but in the hand of the quartet, it gains a new and wonderful life.

The album was mixed in Nashville, by the hands of Ben Fowler (yes, the guy who has won a Grammy Award). The result is something that sounds organic and spontaneous, like the guys entered the studio and played their instruments with the right tunes already chosen. Of course, the modern technologies enable their music to be heard and understood without any problem, but always in the most organic way possible.

This album doesn't have good moments, for all the songs are excellent pieces of Classic Rock. The organic weight and catchy melodies of "Animal Beast", the introspective insight used on "20 Good Summers" (what lovely vocals and good touches of organ), the accessible harmonies of "The Bridge" (great work from guitars, indeed), the way down rhythm of "Whiskeyland" (a very good work from bass guitar and drums can be heard, simple and straight), the passionate melodic approach of "Radio State of Mind", the charming Country acoustic touch on the ballad "Bulletproof", the "kick on your front door" Rock 'n' Roll "Customized Car", the bluesy essence of "Faraway Blues", and the beautiful "If You Need Me" are just samples of a great work that "20 Good Summers" is. Their songs have no compromise that isn't to make the listener have a good time.

If this is just their first coming, BUCKETS REBEL HEART really has all the conditions to be a great name here and now!

10 / 10









"20 Good Summers" Track-listing:

1. Animal Beast
2. 20 Good Summers
3. Rebel Heart
4. The Bridge
5. Whiskeyland
6. Mexican Sun/El Diablo
7. Radio State of Mind
8. When Angels Fall
9. Bulletproof
10. Customized Car
11. Faraway Blues
12. If You Need Me

Buckets Rebel Heart Lineup:

Jim Stapley - Vocals
Dave "Bucket" Colwell - Guitars
Dave "Boycie" Boyce - Bass
Paul "Taff" Edwards - Drums

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