Drop Dead Entertainer

Broken Down

Since the coming of electronic technologies into Metal/Rock, a new musical genre was born into […]
December 1, 2018
Broken Down - Drop Dead Entertainer album cover

Since the coming of electronic technologies into Metal/Rock, a new musical genre was born into its boundaries: Industrial Rock. Industrial Metal is just a piece of it. Names as MINISTRY, GODFLESH, NINE INCH NAILS, OOMPH! and others had built the structures that paved the way for names as RAMMSTEIN to have a great commercial acceptance. But what BROKEN DOWN, from France, has to offer with "Drop Dead Entertainer"?

The musical work heard on the album tries to be commercially accessible to a broader public, but keeping some experimental moments like NIN shows. But in some parts where the musical minimalism is evident, the song becomes boring to the ears of those who will listen to the album. It's not bad, but instead of attracting new fans, it can make those ones who aren't specific fans of this genre stay away. But the use of some guttural grunts to contrast the clean tunes, the good guitars, keyboards and rhythmic works are creating fine melodies. Yes, it's truly good, but could be better. The sound quality: it could be better sometimes, because it's a bit rawer than what they need. The guitars are using tunes that too aggressive and not as defined as they could be. It's not something bad, but could be clear and had better results. But it won't affect the comprehension of what is being played (especially on the clean parts).

The album has 18 songs, what could be a problem. It's not easy to stay tuned for such time, so to use a lesser number of them next time would be a good strategy. For now, "Sunburn Factory" (with its dancing parts), "Cervical Vertebrae Evolution" (good contrast of harsh moments with melodic ones and electronic effects), "All You Need Now" (an hypnotic trance rhythm into the Industrial chaos), "Balance" (with such charming and deeper approach, this one will gain many fans), "Don't Let Them Stack the Deck" (another deeper song in many parts), "Pretentious & Insolent" (charming harmonies and a song easy to like), "Dread" (this one has a crude energy that is near a Metal song on some moments), "The Timemaster" (the same elements from the previous comment are presented on this song), and "A Ghost in the Machine" (a strong influence from Stoner Rock can be detected on the guitar riffs) are proofs of the band's potential.

"Drop Dead Entertainer" is not a bad album, and to make things improve, a better producer would help BROKEN DOWN to use their full potential.

6 / 10

Had Potential








"Drop Dead Entertainer" Track-listing:

1. The Entertainer's Sermon
2. Sunburn Factory
3. Cervical Vertebrae Evolution
4. All You Need Now
5. Nightly Trance
6. Balance
7. Raging Inside
8. The Dreamcrusher
9. Your Turn Now
10. Don't Let Them Stack the Deck
11. Down the Stairs
12. Pretentious & Insolent
13. Dread
14. Room 42
15. The Timemaster
16. A Ghost in the Machine
17. No Last Resting Place
18. Drop Dead!

Broken Down Lineup:

Jeff Maurer - All instruments, Vocals

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