Breathe The End

In terms of creative power, we are living in a moment of Heavy Metal history […]
February 2, 2016
Breathe The End - Arms album cover

In terms of creative power, we are living in a moment of Heavy Metal history where many are looking to the past, and many others are trying to create something from the exhausted musical clichés of the past. Some others are trying to mix styles to breed something new and different. This means that a big surprise is coming, for the despair of those all who lives in the moldy past and forces other people to do the same. And maybe bands as the Finnish quintet BREATHE THE END can be a name that, in the future, this can open the gates for those times that are coming. Their EP "Arms" is a fine piece of music, and a proof of mine words.

BREATHE THE END use a very different insight on playing Death Metal, with very good technique, but keeping the aggressiveness and brutality, with some introspective feelings and experimental components to it. This makes the overall result very particular. Yes, they are truly different from the greater majority of Death Metal bands, imposing a strong and bold personality in their music. Their sound quality is abrasive and ruthless, but this is what they truly need to express their musical ideas. It's heavy, aggressive and nasty, but clear. And "clear" means that you will hear all musical instruments with no trouble at all, as well as understand what they want to do, the core of their musical personality.

The energy and feeling presented in their five songs is really amazing. "Engine Of Ruin" is full of buzz and distortions at its beginning, then some nasty vocals and distorted riffs fill the song with a technical moments and introspective feeling. The same elements that "Old Wound" presents this as well (but being more aggressive, and with a very good work from the rhythmic session). "The Arms" is strong and very aggressive, but presenting a very good technique (especially on drums), but be prepared for some changes on the song. On "Desolation", the same abrasive and introspective feeling is back, but supported by intense riffs and a fine work done by bass guitar. And "To Starve The Lion" is another fine piece of aggressive music, but with some nasty and great vocals.

They still have to mature a bit more, but I believe that it's just a matter of time for them to come with something really different from the usual.<

8 / 10


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"Arms" Track-listing:

1. Engine of Ruin
2. Old Wound
3. The Arms
4. Desolation
5. To Starve the Lion

Breathe The End Lineup:

Riku Junttanen - Vocals
Tuomas Ikonen - Vocals & Guitars
Aleksi Saastamoinen - Guitars
Sauli Turunen - Bass
Antti Sormunen - Drums 

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