I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes


As time passed by and technologies for recording became accessible, old Demo Tapes became less […]
March 11, 2022
Boarhammer - I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes album cover

As time passed by and technologies for recording became accessible, old Demo Tapes became less used by the bands. There was no more need to record what they have done in studio on K7 tapes, because the loss on sonority was great. But there are still some bands that uses such a format (don't ask why they do such thing, there's no simple answer, but maybe it's a form of worship from the past). And the German duet BOARHAMMER is one of them. Their first release, "I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes", is in such a way.

Their musical work is a form of Old School Black Metal that form used during the first half of the 90's and became a model (for those who witnessed the old days, this depiction is enough) that is the core of German Black Metal scene. It's nasty and crude in a similar way to DARKTHRONE on "Under a Funeral Moon" days, but with some arrangements and melodies that can bring to mind acts as MERCYFUL FATE in many moments, and with a massive and aggressive energy coming from their songs. The band needs to evolve and sharp its musical efforts a bit more, but they're doing a good work by now. As the description above states, their musical production was focused on creating a morbid and organic sonority. Things were done to be understood by the fans, but it could be better worked to be defined and aggressive (it's nothing to make something with a grandiose appeal, just a better recording).

"Riding the Hedge" has some nasty cutting-bones guitar riffs on the fast moments, but on the slower, the vocals are evident on their clearer orientation (yes, there are no shrieks, just a harsh normal singing inherited from German Thrash/Black Metal),  and "Channelling Wormwood Spirits" shows a sensible melodic appeal and slow tempos. Due the tempos used on "Spirits on Black Wings", the fans will remind for sure elements used by MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE in the past, but with the Black/Thrash Metal elements from before appearing once more (and even some experimental touches), the same appearing on "Tatra Wolves" and "Ritual Tusks". And on "The Trees Are No Trees", they bring some funereal elements from 80's Black Metal on the tempos and guitars (something inherited from HELLHAMMER and BATHORY). To depict their 80's outfit, their version for "Black Funeral" (and old song of the Danish Black metal masters of MERCYFUL FATE) is very good (especially because they evade the use the thin vocals, doing things on their own way).

Once more: BOARHAMMER is really a promising name that deserves to be heard, and for now, "I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes" needs to be released on CD.Purchase Link:


7 / 10









"I: Cutting Wood for Magickal Purposes" Track-listing:

1. Riding the Hedge
2. Channelling Wormwood Spirits
3. Spirits on Black Wings
4. Tatra Wolves
5. Ritual Tusks
6. The Trees Are No Trees
7. Black Funeral

Boarhammer Lineup:

Wodwoz - Guitars, Vocals
The Vessel - Vocals, Drums, Bass

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