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From time to time, some special jewels appear throughout the world, being able to cause […]
January 20, 2016
Blynd - Liber Sum album cover

From time to time, some special jewels appear throughout the world, being able to cause on us all a very good impression when hearing their albums. And on some cases, the more you hear, the more you'll like. And from Cyprus, comes the quartet BLYND, in the will to tear our ears apart with their third and excellent album, "Liber Sum".

An intense and abrasive mix between some Thrash Metal aspects with traditional Heavy Metal is what they are up to with their musical work, having a thundering and aggressive approach and even some little touches from Death Metal, with modern tunes and very energetic songs. But obviously, there are very good melodies and harmonic structures, a technical work done in a very good level (besides they do not focus their creative efforts in this way). And be prepared, because their work is really hooking!

Their sound quality is in a very good level. Their aggressive and heavy music appears in a very brutal shape, but with a sound clarity that allows us all to understand what the band is about. And to be honest, they deserve more and more, but by now, it's really very good.

On "Liber Sum", the band is in a great shape, with the entire album being excellent. But I dare to point to the aggressive "Bread and Circuses" (with very good technique presented by bass and drums, and some non conventional guitars), the hooking and thundering "Phobos" (what excellent riffs, and another very good work from bass and drums), the intense and with little melancholic touches "Aes Cyprium" (very good work done by guitars again, and some good vocals as well), the equally intense "In the Epicenter" (with some Melodic Death Metal elements coming from the work of guitars and drums), the brutal "Liber Sum" with its excellent guitars, and the overdose of good taste presented on "Al-Kimiya", presenting very good work of all band's member, with very hooking tempos, and excellent arrangements.

This is an album to hear and buy, mind you all!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Liber Sum" Track-listing:

1. Bread and Circuses
2. Phobos
3. Barbarians
4. Aes Cyprium
5. In the Epicenter
6. Under High Seas (A Prelude to the King)
7. Liber Sum
8. Al-Kimiya
9. Invictus
10. The Kingdom Within

Blynd Lineup:

Andreas - Vocals, Bass
George - Guitars
Dino - Guitars
Alex - Drums

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