Fall To The Hate

Blud Red Roses

When a band has a kick-ass name and kick-ass album artwork your expectations are usually sky high. Can BLUD RED ROSES deliver the goods?
January 21, 2024

Central New Jersey based BLUD RED ROSES came together in October of 2016 when former JUDGE DRAIN band mates Matthew Goida, Pete Vee and Dave Dusenbery decided to get together to form a new band. Initially the plan was to create a different type of hard rock and heavy metal hybrid. As Veterans of the fabled tri-state music scene (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania) the newly formed band started writing and performing in the local clubs and instinctively knew they were working towards something special. They recorded a three song self-titled Ep as a three piece in early 2017. While it was apparent that the band had a unique chemistry that can only be found within a brotherhood, all three band members knew that one piece of the puzzle was missing. Looking to move towards a heavier and thicker sound they knew a second guitarist was needed. They brought in David Hill to fill the void. So, with the puzzle complete they started working on what would become the debut album “Fall To The Hate”. Heading to Barbershop Recording Studios in Lake Hopatcong, N.J., with producer Mike Ferretti (BREAKING BENJAMIN, SEVENDUST) to complete the finishing touches and self-releasing the album the summer of 2023. BLUD RED ROSES claims to deliver a mature and fluid sound, never leaving the heaviness behind but adding a groove element while adding forceful and aggressive lyrics. They definitely grabbed me by the balls before I even dropped the needle down with the band name, the album name, the cover art work and their promo picture that reminded me of the guys that always stole my lunch money in grade school and stuffed me in a locker.

Opening with a battering ram riff and death-core vocals on “Inside of Me” had me reaching in my pockets for my lunch money and cowardly running away, but wait, I have an album to review. The blend of raspy and clean vocals was dominating from the start but nicely balanced over the brazen and savage beat down of the twin guitar attach that toys with thrash and pure metal, they definitely put us on notice with the opening track. “Take You Down” which speaks of “the hate that fuels the urge revenge, but how revenge is ultimately pointless” and “Demon Disguise” are both heavy and nasty and thunderous with piercing chops stoked by an arsenal of boisterous and gnarly riffs integrated with sinister and blood curdling vocals that will have you hiding under the bed. The next three tracks immersing into a cauldron of muscular adrenaline riffs and tormented vocals on “Into the Half Light” (about overcoming the demons in one's life that have kept them from living the life they deserve) “Till Tomorrow” and “Mantra” all deliver an apocalyptic and dangerous musical landscape that’ll most likely have you calling your therapist. "Darker Side” is exactly what you’d expect, a dark and evil sound with pounding riffs that leave you to die in a puddle of blood and tears. Ending with the title track “Fall To The Hate” is a cautionary tale of “the destruction that occurs in a person’s mind and life when they can't overcome the hate they feel”, enough said.

“Fall To The Hate” is an aggressive and forceful album that tinkers with classic heavy metal, power rock and thrash all effortlessly brought to life with the backdrop of a desperate and meaningless existence within the extremely thought provoking and introspective lyrics. For a debut album to deliver such a powerful effort and sound so polished and established is quite amazing.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Fall To The Hate" Track-listing:


1. Inside of Me

2. Take You Down

3. Demon Disguise

4. Into the Half Light

5. Till Tomorrow

6. Mantra

7. Darker Soul

8. The Journey

9. Fall to the Hate


Blud Red Roses Lineup:


Pete Vee – vocals, bass

David Dusenberry – guitar

David Hill – guitar

Matt Goida  - drums, percussion


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