There are many reasons behind a re-release of an album or EP of a band, […]
September 28, 2022
Bloodletter - Malignancy album cover

There are many reasons behind a re-release of an album or EP of a band, and any ideas that the fans can have wouldn't depict the reasons behind it. As an example, one can think on SODOM's "The Final Sign of Evil", a release of 2007 that tried to be what "In the Sign of Evil" intended to be back in 1984, and there are two trenches of fans: one trench says that this release is a blasphemy against the past; the other says that it's great to see the band doing what was planned in the beginning; but no one will prevail on this debate. And no one can say what the future reserves for this version of "Malignancy", one EP of the North American Thrashers of BLOODLETTER.

This EP was released originally back in 2014, eight years ago, and the new version brings the band to a point where USA Thrash Metal Third Generation (the one who revealed acts as FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE and others) essence is in evidence, being full of charming dry melodies and Thrash Metal hooks, but balanced with a good technical level and a massive aggressiveness. It's obvious that their music isn't something new (this form of Thrash Metal is already known), but it bears a personal approach that will be hard to resist. This EP was recorded at Death Trap Recordings, under the supervision of Pete Carparelli (who mixed the songs as well) and the band itself, and the mastering was done by Matt Engstrom. All the efforts were done to create an understandable and aggressive sonority that enables their songs to be absorbed easily by the fans. It's a very good work, indeed, and the instrumental tunes are very good (and far of something mechanical).

"In These Ruined Halls..." is just an intro to prepare the ears for the massive aggressiveness of "Reputation for Cruelty", a fast and brutal song with some charming melodies that reminds what is done on European trench of the genre. And "Blackest Mass" keeps the fast and catchy assault of the quartet, and it's plenty of Hardcore/Crossover influences, and one must be prepared by the harsh snarls of the vocals. Another fast and furious song is "Skullsplitter", showing extremely catchy instrumental arrangements on the guitar riffs (the melodic temper in some parts is really amazing). And the short "Poisonous Affair" seems in a vein near of Thrashcore, including with some parts of bass guitar and drums play in a Death Metal trend. The assault ends with "Malignancy", another song based on fast tempos, and the hooks shown on it are really amazing.

After listening to "Malignancy", one can be sure that BLOODLETTER is musically in the same level of acts as HAVOK, MUNICIPAL WASTE, NERVOSA and other actual successful Thrash Metal acts.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Malignancy" Track-listing:

1. In These Ruined Halls...Reputation for Cruelty
2. Blackest Mass
3. Skullsplitter
4. Poisonous Affair
5. Malignancy

Bloodletter Lineup:

Pete Carparelli - Guitars, Vocals
Pat Armamentos - Guitars
Tanner Hudson - Bass
Zach Sutton - Drums

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