Blood Label

Wow, how good is this album! Coming from Denmark, a land who gave us all […]
March 30, 2014
Blood Label - Skeletons album cover

Wow, how good is this album!

Coming from Denmark, a land who gave us all ARTILLERY and MERCYFUL FATE, the beginners from BLOOD LABEL are showing on "Skeletons" a good musical job.

Their efforts are done doing an extreme mix between Thrash and Death Metal with some aspects from Metalcore. And it results in a form of music extremely aggressive and harsh, but with melodic lines giving sense to their thundering sound mass. Obviously, they have a long way to go and some evolution is needed, but it's in a very good level, indeed. Prepared your ears to explode, my dear sons and daughters.

Produced by Tue Madsen (who mixed and mastered the album as well), who previously worked with ARTILLERY, AT THE GATES, ABORTED, BEHEMOTH and others, we can hear a strong and heavy production, keeping only the necessary dirty for a Metal album. It's clean and aggressive, so it's on a good level.

Their finest moments: the brutal opening song "Deliver Me From Evil" (these screamed vocals are really addicting), the more up tempo "Snake In The Grass", the slower and terrifying "Paranoia", the nightmarish "Stuck In Limbo" (great riffs!), and the experimental "Skeletons". But album the album is good, besides in your Ol' Big Daddy particular opinion, the band is better in their slower and intense songs.

A good revelation!

8 / 10


"Skeletons" Track-listing:

1. Deliver me from Evil
2. Snake in the Grass
3. Shotgun-Blown in the Face
4. Paranoia
5. Bad Blood
6. Stuck in Limbo
7. Hell Holds a Place for You
8. Explode
9. Disease Pit
10. Skeletons
11. Coup de Grace
12. The Black Arts

Blood Label Lineup:

Kenneth Klitte Jensen - Vocals
Jesper Jakobsen - Guitars
Alex Kjeldsen - Guitars
Nikolaj Poulsen - Bass
Bastian Thusgaard - Drums

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