Black Sachbak vs. the Future

Black Sachbak

Those that are old enough to remember the 80's (the ones that were teenagers or […]
April 4, 2019
Black Sachbak - Black Sachbak vs. the Future album cover

Those that are old enough to remember the 80's (the ones that were teenagers or adults back 'n those days, not the wannabe boys that say that are "80's Metalheads" being born after 1990) how it was tragic to hear excellent bands and songs with excessive crude sound qualities. In those days, it was acceptable due the difficulties to record in a good studio and to have a good producer doing his job (these were extremely expensive works on the 80's), but today seems to be a romantic feeling for those that didn't live the 80's, and for those who can't accept that time has passed. And the quartet BLACK SHABACK is another band that has a very good musical work, but the sound quality makes "Black Sachbak vs. the Future" sounds in a way that isn't fair for them.

They really have a very good musical work, a Thrash Metal/Crossover that is based on the earlier work from German Thrash Metal bands (especially TANKARD and DESTRUCTION), but with the hooking melodies and choruses from USA School. It's not creative, but they have a strong personality permeating their very good instrumental work, their lovely choruses and vocals. Yes, they're not playing anything different of what already exists, but they are pretty good, and evolution can take them to a higher level. The album's greatest mistake lays on the recordings and mixing. The final result on the sound quality is something that is crude beyond what their music needs, and hollow. The guitar tunes are terrible, fuzzy as it was heard from an old radio, and the drums tunes are without weight. It's a matter of the one who did the choice for the tunes committed a crime: he almost killed their musical efforts!

 Musically, they have a strong and very good work, showing 11 Thrash Metal torpedoes on the ears of the listeners. The catchy energy of "Race and Wealth" and "The Core" (this one bears an excellent chorus), the brutal and oppressive tempos of "Time Quest Assassin" (very good bass guitar and drums technical work), the Reggae/Jazz touch on the funny "The Michael Jackson Job" (a parody with MICHAEL JACKSON's "Black or White" in some moments), the "Motorheadian" feeling in some moments of "Party Hard Living Tight" (great charming melodies), and the sharp aggressiveness of "Antichip" and "Fight Against Sobriety" are proofs that another Thrash Metal piledriver is arising on Israel. It's a pity that the sound quality is far beyond the acceptable for their music.

An excellent band with very good music, but BLACK SACHBAK deserves a better production next time.

7 / 10









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"Black Sachbak vs. the Future" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Race and Wealth
3. The Core
4. NSP - Fly
5. Time Quest Assassin
6. The Michael Jackson Job
7. Party Hard Living Tight
8. Feast of Aurora
9. FTL
10. Escape
11. Antichip
12. Fight Against Sobriety

Black Sachbak Lineup:

Eliran - Vocals
Dor HaShamen - Guitars
Cyrill - Bass
Radar - Drums

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