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Black Pyramid

When Stoner Metal/Rock appeared in the 90's, many very good bands created excellent releases on […]
February 11, 2021
Black Pyramid - Black Pyramid (Reissue) album cover

When Stoner Metal/Rock appeared in the 90's, many very good bands created excellent releases on the genre. Bands as CATHEDRAL and C.O.C. ruled supreme, creating masterpieces. But as time passes by, the genre became so full of bands trying to be even cruder than the others that things became extremely boring. But a name that is very good and deserves our attention if from the North American trio BLACK PYRAMID, as this reissue of the first album, "Black Pyramid" shows.

As the original release was done on 2009, a time when the genre wasn't as full of band as now, the band could do things in a more organic and personal form. It's nasty, distorted and with that 'sabbathic' way of sounding crude and nasty. But the band uses a very good set of melodies to improve things, and even with such distorted appeal on the sonority, things can be understood. Clay Neely (the band's drummer) took care of the engineering, and Matt Washburn watched the mixing and the mastering. The final result is a crude and distorted sonority, but in a way that the listeners can deal and understand. But the organic feeling that is presented isn't artificial or forced.

Their value can be attested hearing songs as "Visions of Gehenna" (very good distorted guitar riffs in a slow approach), "Mirror Messiah" (this one shows vocals on a similar style to old Ozzy Osbourne days, but they could be better), the crude thunder called "No Life King", and the Southern Groove presented on "The Worm Ouroboros" are the best songs from the original release. But the vinyl version has a bonus song: the greasy and nasty instrumental song "Macedonia", and this one is showing a solid work on bass guitar and drums, along with good melodic guitar solos.

Well, this new release of "Black Pyramid" is really a very good chance for the fans to get a physical copy of the album. But it makes the fans wonder about next BLACK PYRAMID's album.

8 / 10









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"Black Pyramid (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1....and the Gods Made War
2. Visions of Gehenna
3. Mirror Messiah
4. No Life King
5. Celephais
6. Macedonia
7. Twilight Grave
8. The Worm Ouroboros
9. The Cauldron Born
10. Wintermute

Black Pyramid Lineup:

Andy Beresky - Guitars, Vocals
Dave Gein - Bass
Clay Neely - Drums

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