Devil's Paradise

Black Death Cult

The Canadian Metal scene has a long and glorious history. Names as ANVIL, VOIVOD, EXCITER, […]
December 30, 2020
Black Death Cult - Devil's Paradise album cover

The Canadian Metal scene has a long and glorious history. Names as ANVIL, VOIVOD, EXCITER, PILEDRIVER (now called THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER), ANNIHILATOR, SACRIFICE, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and many others testify what the country gave to the world, and names as SKULL FIST, CRYPTOPSY and KATAKLYSM are heirs of their efforts. But the quintet BLACK DEATH CULT must improve things if they want to be remembered as the names above, because "Devil's Paradise" isn't a fine release for a first coming.

Their musical work seems like a Black/Death/Doom Metal ritual, filled with some experimental dark moments. But it is, in reality, trying to be a blend between BLASPHEMY and BATUSHKA (what creates some good moments, as can be heard on "Captor of Perception"). But the problem is: what the band wants to express with their musical work, in the end of all? It's not an easy thing to say, but even in this way, their music needs some maturing to be in the right point. The sonority is another problem: this filthy and putrid sound quality isn't fitting for what they seem to have to express. Something cleaner and defined (but keeping some crude elements) would be better.

There are some good moments presented by the band that show that they have potential and some good ideas, as can be heard on "Infernal Triad", "Nightside of the Pyramids", "Captor of Perception", "Living Temple" and "The Unnameable", but the crude and dirty sonority, along with some extreme moments (when they really resemble BLASPHEMY) make things difficult to deal with. And let me tell a thing: the band isn't saying 'fuck you' for anyone doing this, but it's only creating a gap between it and potential fans.

As told above: "Devil's Paradise" shows some good moments, as BLACK DEATH CULT has potential to make great things. But they need to mature their ideas.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Devil's Paradise" Track-listing:

1. Infernal Triad
2. Double Monolith
3. Nightside of the Pyramids
4. Epilogue
5. Captor of Perception
6. .AM.
7. Funereality
8. Living Temple
9. The Unnameable

Black Death Cult Lineup:

Rephaim Specter - Vocals, Guitars
Draco Mare - Guitars
S.E.A.L. - Keyboards
Morgana la Fey - Bass
Ana Sepiya - Drums

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