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Some musicians become legendary due their creative capacity, as long as their die-hard work into […]
December 21, 2018
BillyBio - Feed the Fire album cover

Some musicians become legendary due their creative capacity, as long as their die-hard work into the musical scene is where they belong. The name of the guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei is known throughout the world due his work with NYHC masters of BIOHAZARD and many side projects as BLU, SUICIDE CITY, ROADRUNNER UNITED, BLOOD FOR BLOOD and POWERFLO. But here is his first solo album, "Feed by Fire", under the name of BILLYBIO, and maybe it can surprise many of his fans.

First of all, it's a strong, bold and ferocious Hardcore in the same vein from USA Hardcore bands, but harsh and nasty, fast and aggressive, and sounding Old School, like the good and old times when CBGB club was a worldwide reference for the genre. But it gathers some modern influences from Thrash Metal and even melodies from underground Punk Rock. And it's truly amazing, for some different elements entered the songs, fruits from the long years of playing alive and hearing the different kinds of music he could find. Yes, it's excellent!

The album was mixed by Tue Madsen, so an excellent sound quality can be expected. Obviously that Bill made the things in the most natural and organic way he could, but always having in mind that everything must sound clear. And it is amazingly clear, but brutally aggressive to the very bones. And the instrumental tunes are harsh and nasty, but clean, what improves the musical impact of the songs.

The greater part of the songs endures less than there minutes (a feature from Hardcore music), so don't be worried, for it's not a boring album.  "Freedom's Never Free" (a fast and ferocious Hardcore anthem, with excellent vocals and nasty guitars), "Feed the Fire" (this one is near of classic Punk Rock from the 80's, with good bass and drums works), "No Apologies, No Regrets" (this one seems like old Hardcore bands from Europe, ferocious and nasty, but with some slow and melodic parts), "Sick and Tired" (a song filled with abrasive and excellent melodies, and great Hardcore backing vocals), "Sodality" (a song with a modern Hardcore outfit on slow parts, but there are fast guitars here and there), "Rise and Slay" (that has a thunderous and heavy approach on the slow tempos), "Untruth" (where some elements from BIOHAZARD's work can be heard), and "Disaffected World" (another HC song filled with some different musical experiments) are the nasty screams form this manic HC workaholic.

Listen to "Feed the Fire" and let your inner fire be fed by BILLYBIO's excellent music.

10 / 10









"Feed the Fire" Track-listing:

1. Freedom's Never Free
2. Feed the Fire
3. No Apologies, No Regrets
4. Generation Z
5. Sick and Tired
6. Remedy (Interlude)
7. Sodality
8. Rise and Slay
10. Trepidation (Interlude)
11. Untruth
12. Enemy
13. Disaffected World

BillyBio Lineup:

Billy Graziadei - Vocals, Guitars

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