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In Metal and Rock scenes' history, there are great problems in the relationship between bands […]
August 3, 2016
Billy Satellite - II album cover

In Metal and Rock scenes' history, there are great problems in the relationship between bands and record labels. There are times when this relationship becomes sour and bitter, because some aspects between both parts are nebulous, and one of them will have to deal with a loss. There are many examples of bands with albums locked in a drawer for some years, and even decades. And this is the case of BILLY SATELLITE second album, called "II". The band is a fine AOR/Melodic Rock from Oklahoma (United States) that had a good success in 1984, when their first album was released. This album was recorded back in 1985, and it shows an evolution in their musical concept. The band gained some musical refinement, but keep their melodic style. It's still hooking and tender, but it's intense and with a touch of elaboration that wasn't so used by the bands back on those times (I was a 15 years old boy on those days, so I can witness these things for I was there, LOL).

The producer of the album was Keith Olsen (who had previously worked with SCORPIONS, FOREIGNER and FLEETWOOD MAC), and besides there were moments of tensions during the recording sessions, the final result is excellent, clean and loud as the band needed. The weight is in little amounts, because they were not a Metal band, but an AOR/Melodic Rock group, with a Pop orientation (but there's some distorted moments on the album, indeed). Also, the work of Chris Lyne in doing the digital remastering of the album made it sounds better and actual.

Their songs are fine and the band was a promise. But as I told above, though this album was shelved for more than 30 years, it still sounds actual and strong. Their musical technique is not in a high level, but on the amount their music needs.

The best songs of the album: the energetic and hooking "You and Me and the Night" (with fine distorted guitar riffs and a melodic vocal that bind us, and an excellent chorus, and some good arrangements of the keyboards), the very good mix between melodies, distorted riffs and Pop chorus on "Sorry", the melodic ballad "You Got Nothing On Me" (that could be one of their hits for radio, because it was right in every aspect, with great work of the vocals), the Pop Rock song "Fantasy Girl" (full of commercial moments, and could be used for a film on the 80s), the clean energy shown on "Secrets in Her Hear" (where the drums and bass guitar are doing a fine job), and the hooking melodies with clean guitars on "Slippin Away". They were pretty good and could have a great success. But destiny is cruel sometimes. And thanks to AOR Heaven Records for this rescue. It could be a good thing if the band could come back for a new album and tour.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"II" Track-listing:

1. You and Me and the Night
2. Sorry
3. Honesty
4. You Got Nothing on Me
5. Girls like You
6. Fantasy Girl
7. Secrets in Her Heart
8. Slippin Away
9. Turning Pages
10. Final Stand

Billy Satellite Lineup:

Monty Byrom - Vocals, guitar
Danny Chauncey - Guitar, backing vocals
Ira Walker - Bass, backing vocals
Bill Coumo - Keyboards
Thomas "Fee" Falletti - Drums

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